Debbie Almontaser and Ward Churchill

Ward Churchill was a University Professor in Colorado, fired for his writing actions taken when he wrote an essay about September 11th. Debbie Almontaser, a public school teacher in New York City who because of the actions of other Muslims on September 11th found herself being the talked about subject for all the wrong reasons.... Continue Reading →


Shouting Fire

Ward Churchill is described as a public intellectual, and he doesn’t censor himself.  On 9-11, he posted what he believed the motive to be for such terroristic attacks, but rather than releasing it the day after as told to, he released it the day of. He gave his reasons, and supported them, fine, okay, nothing... Continue Reading →

Down With Witches!

Or sorcerers, that's at least what some people seem to think.  The banning of books has always been a topic that I find rather bothersome.  People should be able to read what they want to read, and think about the book however they so choose to.  What gives any individual the right to prevent someone... Continue Reading →

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