Down With Witches!


Or sorcerers, that’s at least what some people seem to think.  The banning of books has always been a topic that I find rather bothersome.  People should be able to read what they want to read, and think about the book however they so choose to.  What gives any individual the right to prevent someone from reading?

Banning of the books might as well lead to banning of all of their movies as well.  I mean hey, if your child can’t exactly imagine what’s going on in the book, they’ll turn to the movie, and I’m sure that would somehow invite Satan in, right  Father?

I get it, a Catholic school feels that the books are spiritually dangerous and will make the children vulnerable to cult practices.  My opinion, if a child at the age of ten is already in some sort of cult, those are issues that came way before Harry Potter.  The books open a whole new door to the imagination, and they influence kids to read, which with modern technology, is a troublesome task to do.  no one should take that away from them.

Another helpful hint, just explain to them that the story is fiction, so you don’t wake up one morning and your kid is pointing a stick from the backyard at you trying to give you a lightning bolt scar.  Children are too sheltered, stop taking everything away and let them have some experiences.

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