“Ray, when someone asks if you’re a god, you say YES!!” -Winston

Ghostbusters (1984) Director: Ivan Reitman Okay, so Ghostbusters is an oldie and definitely a goodie. This is hands down my favorite movie even though it goes back quite a while. Honestly 80’s movies are pretty fantastic and Ghostbusters is one of those movies that has the wonderful comedy of the greats like Billy Murray and... Continue Reading →


The Most Dangerous Man in America

The Most Dangerous Man in America (That’s a pretty awesome title to have if you ask me.) First of all, how crazy psycho does Richard Nixon sound over the recordings? One quote, “Screw the courts, let’s try the son-of-a-bitch in the press” now that is in response to his fear of Ellsberg leaking some of... Continue Reading →

El Camino- Sister

Artist: The Black Keys Album: El Camino (Released 12/6/11) What to listen to when your parents were right about that awful girl you were dating and now you’ve dumped her and she’s totally hating herself crying in a corner wishing she didn’t screw up… Track #7 Sister Like I said before, I do like really... Continue Reading →

El Camino- Run Right Back

Artist: The Black Keys Album: El Camino (Released 12/6/11) What to listen to when you have a crush (or you’re stalking),or can’t get over a girl… Track #6 Run Right Back So it may be unorthodox to say here, listen to this song because you’re stalking a girl, but hey if it works then it’s... Continue Reading →

Gold on the Ceiling

Artist: The Black Keys Album: El Camino (Released 12/6/11) Best song to dance to when you don’t know what on Earth they are saying… Track #3 Gold on the Ceiling Okay, first the song title is cool. I’m one of those people where the longer the song title the more interested I’m probably going to... Continue Reading →

The Black Keys – First Post

Artist: The Black Keys Album: El Camino (Released 12/6/11) Honestly, before this project I’ve never heard a single song from The Black Keys. Though the name sounded familiar I never bothered to give them a chance. The band itself has an interesting name, and the album title El Camino does make you wonder what their... Continue Reading →

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