El Camino- Run Right Back


Artist: The Black Keys

Album: El Camino (Released 12/6/11)

What to listen to when you have a crush (or you’re stalking),or can’t get over a girl…

Track #6 Run Right Back

So it may be unorthodox to say here, listen to this song because you’re stalking a girl, but hey if it works then it’s fine. There’s plenty of other songs to listen to if you have a weird, abnormal crush/obsession with a girl, but this one has a rock tone to it, so it makes it all the more acceptable to listen to. I don’t believe that the song is about stalking, I think it’s about having this attachment to a girl and wanting to be closer to her, but you know, sometimes attachment becomes stalking. Who am I to judge for that?

“Before she hits the ground
She’s gonna want to explode
Never step aside
Never run and hide

She holds it all up under
That pretty head of hers, oh
It comes screaming out
In an electric shout”

These are the first lyrics you hear within the song, which happen to be my favorite. Now listening to it I get the impression that this girl they’re singing about isn’t exactly perfect. She has flaws, she keeps her emotions bottled up tight before she explodes and lets everything out in the open. Yet I continue to listen to the song and I get the impression that there is an interest towards this girl.

“She’s the worst thing
I’ve been addicted to

I run right back
Run right back to her
I wanna jump the track
And run right back, I’m sure
I run right back to her”

When I listened to those lyrics I thought it was something you would listen to when you have a crush on someone and you’re not willing to let yourself listen to Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber. To me, it has this meaning of wanting to do anything for a girl, especially one who seems to be under pressure and not letting herself share any emotions. By saying “run right back to her” I get the impression that the two were once an item, but they are separated, and he desperately wants to have her back.

So this song can work really well if you like a girl and she doesn’t notice you, your ex-girlfriend dumped you and you desperately want her back, or, you’re just crazy and have a bizarre attachment that you should probably seek help for.

I really do enjoy this song. It’s one of those songs that the music just blends perfectly with the lyrics with the nice sounds of the guitar and the drums in the background. The singer has this voice that really brings you back to the 80’s when you would listen to Mick Jagger sing or listen to The Doors. It’s one of those voices that you would instantly connect to rock and roll, even if the music isn’t the same.

This song would be something I would recommend to others (or, as teenagers do now, add it to their Facebook page) just because I think the words and the music tie in together so flawlessly. It’s just one of those songs that you can enjoy on your iPod and not feel guilty about having it there at all.

Lyrics here


One thought on “El Camino- Run Right Back

  1. Sonny Cohen

    Hey Amanda,

    It was a little bit unorthodox but I see what you mean; you get really creative with the titles which make the posts much better.

    You forgot to put the rating at the end of the post again, not a big deal but just keep it in mind for the future.

    Very good analysis of the song, again another very good post.

    – Sonny


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