El Camino- Sister


Artist: The Black Keys

Album: El Camino (Released 12/6/11)

What to listen to when your parents were right about that awful girl you were dating and now you’ve dumped her and she’s totally hating herself crying in a corner wishing she didn’t screw up…

Track #7 Sister

Like I said before, I do like really long titles, so don’t be surprised that the heading has gotten longer with each post.

Also, just to say, when I was re-listening to this song it started to pour like crazy. It’s as though Mother Nature heard it, said “Oh yeah rock on girl, here’s some atmosphere” and threw in a crazy storm for me.  I love it.

So, by the title I thought I was going to get some sort of family song that has to do with… well, a sister, or some sort of sibling relationship. I probably should have known better considering the tracks on this album have mostly been about them not changing and people trying to take advantage of them, or losing out on a loved one, silly me for thinking a sister was involved.

Anyways, listening to this song I get the idea that well, the male here is incredibly angry while the girl is just there feeling sorry for herself. I mean, you really get the vibe that this guy dumped a girl who clearly didn’t know what she had, took advantage of him, and he finally got rid of her. You also get the idea that she wasn’t the same person she was when they started dating.

“Sister, sister what did they do to you
Sister, sister what did they do to you
Did they take and try to break
A heart that long
It’s so wrong”

So he calls her sister, I guess like when we’re having a regular conversation and we say “oh sister you’re so stupid” or “what’s up my brother” that answers my ‘why is it called sister’ question. The rest of the song goes on to say how she took advantage of the one who showed her love. It’s kind of like saying “oh, well you took advantage of me and this is what you get”, that’s how I interpret it. To me, it’s definitely a song about some girl a guy dumped, and clearly it seems like she deserved it.

Billboard has done a track by track review of the album, and what they said about Sister didn’t give me too much to go on. Except that it seems like the plot for a Lifetime movie, which, I’m going to have to agree with. It does set the mood of a type of love story gone wrong that includes women crying and men feeling sorry for themselves, then feeling incredibly angry. Perhaps Lifetime should consider this as a sign to make a movie for it (even though, they must have 100 of them by now) and use this song as a soundtrack. The review is completely correct in saying that hand-clapping and synthesizers perk up what would be an incredibly moody and dark song. It does give a lighter feel to the song, but I would like to hear how this song would sound if there were no synthesizers or clapping, I’d enjoy a look at it with a darker view.

Overall, good song, it sounds great, the lyrics are nice (not nice as in friendly, the lyrics just sound good together). If you’re an angry guy and you think your girlfriend deserves to be in a hell-hole right now, you should probably take a look at this song.



One thought on “El Camino- Sister

  1. Sonny Cohen

    Hey Amanda,

    The length of the title for this one actually made me laugh, very well thought out and I see where you’re coming from.

    Nice job with the South Park meme at the end.

    – Sonny


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