Gold on the Ceiling


Artist: The Black Keys

Album: El Camino (Released 12/6/11)

Best song to dance to when you don’t know what on Earth they are saying…

Track #3 Gold on the Ceiling

Okay, first the song title is cool. I’m one of those people where the longer the song title the more interested I’m probably going to become in the song, this isn’t exactly an epic poem, but the title does spark a bit of interest. First let’s start with the overall sound of the song, we’ll save the confusing lyrics for the end. If you’re one of those people that doesn’t want to head bang and risk bouncing your brain through the frontal lobe, and you don’t want to be caught grinding in a nightclub with glow sticks and other various club materials, then you’d likely enjoy dancing to this song. It has a nice sound, it’s mellow and it makes you want to stand up and sway. If there is not a single bone in your body that knows how to dance, this song is also perfect for you. It’s easy to follow along and clap to the sound of the clapping and the tambourine, no one can really mess that up. The guitar sounds great, it has a nice rock sound while the singing and the drumming sound more mellow, it’s a nice blend.

Apparently The Black Keys have this need to create music videos that are really confusing and also verge on the creepy side, according to MTV, but the video here seems pretty normal.

Now let’s get on to the lyrics I very much could not understand. Luckily, they aren’t the type of singers where if they’re singing, you don’t know what words are coming out of their mouth. It’s more or less that I don’t understand what the lyrics mean and what the song is about. Their words are fine and you’re not left wondering if you’re listening and singing to the right words, because there are many artists out there that like to perform and you don’t know what they’re saying (like Led Zeppelin, I mean really ,who understands what the heck is being sung in Kashmir? Or The Immigrant Song?)

What had me confused was what do they mean by “they wanna get my gold on the ceiling”. What is gold on the ceiling?

The beginning of the song:

“Down in the waves
She screams again
Roar at the door
My mind can’t take much more”

Makes me want to believe that there’s a girl there, wanting his attention trying to get to him, but gold on the ceiling throws me off. Reading the lyrics a few times makes me wonder if it’s about a woman trying to take his money or wealth. After several attempts at trying to find the meaning, I settled on the rather obvious choice of going through their forum, where other people were just as confused as myself. Here several people share the same idea that it’s a woman trying to get his wealth, that these gentlemen know the difference between their true friends and those riding on their coattails of success.

Either way, kudos to them because the music is catchy, and the lyrics will keep you wondering.

One thought on “Gold on the Ceiling

  1. Sonny Cohen

    Hey Amanda,

    You did a very good job on the analysis of the song. The only thing you forgot was to put the rating at the end of the song.

    You also did a nice job embedding those links into your post.

    Overall very good post.

    – Sonny


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