The Black Keys – First Post


Artist: The Black Keys

Album: El Camino (Released 12/6/11)

Honestly, before this project I’ve never heard a single song from The Black Keys. Though the name sounded familiar I never bothered to give them a chance. The band itself has an interesting name, and the album title El Camino does make you wonder what their album is going to be like. Not sure about everyone else but when I see El Camino I think of a rather interesting truck/car hybrid that should just not ever be allowed to resurface.  So when I look at the album cover the first thought should be “Oh look it’s that car that couldn’t decide what it wanted to be while it was being constructed so it had to be a weird little hybrid.”

But no, there is no such car on the album cover (unless that is a type of Camino, and I’m just no very educated when it comes to cars). Instead it’s a creepy white van with wooden detailing that makes it look like the car should belong to one of America’s many lovely and creepy serial killers. Maybe Ted Bundy, or Son of Sam could own the car.  The album cover, aside from reminding me of creepy serial killers, is pretty basic and simple. It does make me wonder what I’m in for listening wise.

According to Yahoo Music, The Black Keys is a music duo group, which is surprising to me, I assumed they would be a basic rock band. The band plays “raw blues-rock”, the singer/guitarist is Dan Auberbach and the drummer is Patrick Carney.  So not only are they just a duo, they do include an organ in a few of their songs, are influenced by the greats such as Jimmy Hendrix and James Brown, two people who cannot do anyone wrong, and they even have cool last names. Auberbach and Carney? Even more interesting.

Clearly I am in for an interesting musical ride. Based on the album cover, knowing that it’s a duo playing an interesting musical mesh of blues and rock, I expect to enjoy their music. It’s almost like a trick, the album cover. It’s so simple and plain, you think the music is going to be just the same, but when you look up the band and realize it’s only two people, you start to wonder ‘hey only two people playing and they’re on their seventh album, they have to be doing something right’.  Now I don’t expect to fall in love with this band and immediately want to stalk their lives and follow them on tour, but I’m hoping I can find a new musical group to listen to, perhaps broaden my horizons when it comes to the genres of music I listen to.

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