The Most Dangerous Man in America


The Most Dangerous Man in America

(That’s a pretty awesome title to have if you ask me.)

First of all, how crazy psycho does Richard Nixon sound over the recordings?

One quote, “Screw the courts, let’s try the son-of-a-bitch in the press” now that is in response to his fear of Ellsberg leaking some of his war plans. Holy hell Mr. Nixon, easy there! See, now this just brings back all previous blog posts on how someone who is morally innocent is just persecuted via the press, always a lovely story to tell.

Honestly, put a documentary on in front of me and I will show you how quickly it is humanly possible to fall asleep. However this video was a nice contrast to standard documentaries. Usually it’s a dull voice that puts you to sleep quicker than a lullaby, followed by uninteresting events and dull interviews. The Most Dangerous Man in America manages to capture an individual’s attention (such as mine, I have about the attention span of a goldfish smacking into the tank), and manages to add humor. Now Nixon’s voice recordings are not there to intentionally be funny, however they add a lot of amusement to what could be a boring video. What Richard Nixon says in these recordings really can stir up some troubling thoughts like did we really let this man run our country? Or my own personal thought, how is he not in a strait jacket? Honestly, Americans can see just how insane in the membrane their president was, and aside from him nearly nuking Vietnam, it’s pretty amusing!

This video really sheds light onto a startling backstory in United States history that really can test the trust one has in the government. It sheds to light an unknown story and how Americans reacted to such an event. The way such events unravel is incredibly interesting to watch. The direction that this documentary takes can make one think they’re watching a suspenseful movie, and they’re just sitting there dying to know what happens to the courageous, or rather, most dangerous man in America.

The constant switching between someone being interviewed, still pictures, animated interpretations of an event, real life clips, and the addition of voice recordings really add to the atmosphere of the documentary. It’s this interesting spin on the documentary that doesn’t make it so vanilla. It really gives it this feel of a movie and it’s addicting and keeps the viewer watching desperate to know more.

Once you do get over the fact that it isn’t a movie, you start to think about the events that are happening, from Nixon saying to think big and bombard Vietnam with a nuke, to Ellsberg getting his children involved in the situation. It’s an interesting way to retain and learn this new information. The fact that it actually isn’t a movie not only seems disappointing, but it becomes a scary reality of the past that Americans should be informed of.

This is one documentary I can say I did enjoy. Although some parts were slow and seemed boring, it’s those suspenseful parts where the viewer wonders what is going to happen to Ellsberg that bring it back to a more tolerable video to watch. The way the information is depicted really does not give the video this heavy, dull feel of being blasted with information like other documentaries. Although the information is heavy and there is quite a lot of it, the way it is depicted makes it easier to ingest.


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