Louis C.K. The Mexican Ginger


Louis C.K

Well first of all, Louis C.K’s nationality is beyond interesting. Part Hungarian, Irish, and Mexican, with Spanish as his first language? Never in a million years would I have guessed this “ginger” person had Mexican decent and first spoken language was Spanish.

I do remember trying to watch his first series Lucky Louie on HBO. I know it was okay, I wasn’t too fond of it, definitely had that sitcom appeal. Quite honestly, when I first saw him I thought he was Danny Bonaduce, not sure why, that’s just how my young mind interpreted him. When I came across Louie on FX, his familiarity bothered me so much that I couldn’t place where I knew him from. This article finally ended my dire need to know where I had seen him from.

The first clip seems like any standard guys hangout. The topic of homosexuality is a topic for them to joke around with at first, but then turns into a somewhat serious question and answer with the only gay comedian there. Their conversation doesn’t seem forced at all. It’s a bunch of comedians poking fun at each other, it doesn’t have the outrageous feel of 30 Rock where the conversation would have ended three minutes into the scene with either a ridiculous entrance, or an absurd exit. While there are a few funny moments in the scene, every other sentence isn’t meant to be comedy gold. They’re just trying to have a conversation, even if it isn’t exactly the most family-friendly topic. It’s like a group of girls talking about a girl they all hate, a few jokes here and there, but otherwise serous insults, minus the constant homosexual slurs and puns.

“I talk about gay sex more with you guys than I do with any of my gay friends! You guys are obsessed.”

Not sure about anyone else, but that just seems like standard conversation anyone would have with a gay friend. I mean, when they don’t know about something they tend to question it a lot.

“Look at what my phone can do!”

He does have a point, we complain and whine about our phones a lot. Always searching for something faster and better to get to space and back to our phone.

We whine and cry like little babies over  this amazing technology without realizing it’s doing something incredible that most of us would never have even thought of.

After Hurricane Sandy, I know I took back every little thing I ever said about my phone, or anything for that matter. Internet, phone service, all simply amazing things and once they’re gone you’re hit with that cruel realization “oh holy crap, I should not have bad-mouthed this beautiful thing now I desperately need it!”

Behind his comedy there are funny but incredibly truthful lines like the meme below.


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