Jon Stewart Loves Stephen Colbert


Jon Stewart- November 6, 2012

(Just need to point out, I love that Hulu lets me choose my advertisement experience. Really makes a difference….no it does not.)

Oh boy it’s the election night special, things just got super serious (spoiler, I know who wins).

I think he just said the Amish said “homey don’t play that” in regards to Romney not winning Pennsylvania. I’m not 100% sure what he said…but the way he said it, with that finger snap and attitude just made me crack up. Also, one of Mitt Romney’s home states[Michigan] , right, because his home state is all Massachusetts…apparently.

Just need to say that I love the use of social networking for their election updates. The use of twitter, with the actual real time tweet involving Mitt Romney, and his conclusion that Romney will take the election in a landslide, priceless. It just goes to show how we use applications like Twitter, Facebook, Four Square, to satisfy our needs for the news, but obviously, even if they’re updated in a mass flood, they can still be wrong.

Stewart’s update on the electoral votes is quite interesting, from using the phrase “literally raped” to “Whoever gets to 270 votes wins the ability to bomb Iran.” Not exactly orthodox, but I loved it. It basically explains what will happen without beating around the bush.

The skit with Samantha and the undecided voters, well, it is a valid point. There are so many people that don’t “pick a side” I suppose, and wait until the last minute. Sometimes making un-informed guesses as to who they should vote for, or trying hard to find out who is better for them to the point where they just keep comparing the two, not finding their ideal candidate. If only it were as simple as putting them in a room and threatening their loved ones. Now as funny as that scene was, she does a good job of bringing to light the issue of undecided voters.

The fact that Stewart can say that Obama is still the president, house is in republican control, senate democratic, all with a straight face means a lot. He shows know bias in the results of the elections which is important by journalist standards. Even if he refers to himself as just a comedian, he reports the news like a real journalist, better than most, in my own opinion.

(Of course, the very end with the playful banter between Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. The way Jon just gazes dreamily at the camera listening to Colbert explain how he goes into his show like a new born baby covered in placenta. It’s a disgusting image to picture, but Jon seems to be just oh so in love with it all.)


One thought on “Jon Stewart Loves Stephen Colbert

  1. Hey Amanda,

    I feel your pain with Hulu. Oh where would we be if it wasn’t for Hulu letting us choose our own bombardment of advertisements… I’m so glad I got to choose that Clorox ad.. again.

    You did a great job again describing what happened during the episode and putting your own spin on the whole situation. I definitely agree with you on how unorthodox their use of twitter was. (But really how orthodox can twitter ever be?)

    – Sonny


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