Jon Stewart ~ November 5th


Jon Stewart- November 5, 2012- Martha Raddatz

(Just something I noticed in the first ten seconds, when he’s writing on the paper it reminds me of the Weekend Update from SNL with Dennis Miller.)

When Stewart screams that he wants the election to be over, he just channels every person in the United States. He downplays the election by comparing it to speed dating, making the whole ordeal just a bit more amusing to watch, because let’s face it, the real news should be about Hurricane Sandy, not these two trying to desperately grab votes… Later on he gives a sort of insight into the political campaign with his “show” The Strategists, following middle-schoolers around during their election. When a 25 year political campaign veteran is being interviewed, it really makes the viewer wonder how easily brainwashed people can be.

“…We even focus group individual words. We find out what words they like and find ways to stick them in, in meaningful catchy phrases so it sticks with them when they go to the polls.”

Wow, really makes us seem that simple minded huh? Then Kyle decides to use ‘nachos’. Well done kid, but it just leads to show how easily swayed voters can be by these choice words. It also amazes me to see how Lauren uses substance while the boy uses a few choice words. Hmmm, saying what the crowd wants to hear? Sounds like Romney when he says “Don’t vote for revenge, vote for America.”

(I love that Jon Stewart can giggle in the middle of his segments, it’s great when a comedian finds himself funny, it’s more believable than someone who can stay straight-faced throughout a sketch.)

Stewart manages to add some humor when speaking with his guest Martha Raddatz. He brings up the fact that she was actually doing her job, since she says she didn’t notice Paul Ryan drinking water like a fish. Mentioning a journalist’s ability to not show an opinion/ ruin their ability to call out facts and lies is a good quality. It sheds light on journalists who are supposed to be moderating or commenting can actually become bias in these situations. While managing to poke fun in the beginning of the show about politics, towards the end with Martha he engages in meaningful conversation about the election and Iraq, which shows he is good at what he does, informing while entertaining.

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