Jon Stewart- Obama and Romney planned the entire thing…


Jon Stewart- November 8, 2012

At least he’s honest that no one ever wants to hear about that election again, right in the beginning of the episode.

“Oh, California actually deciding to pay for…some of the shit they want to do, my baby’s growing up!” I know, I was just as surprised as he was. Look at that, taking responsibility, trying to take responsibility for some of the stuff they want to do. Including male porn stars being forced to wear condoms when shooting, granted that is um, off topic, but California just seems to vote on everything now, as Stewart says.

I love that Stewart puts on the noise-cancelling headphones when the news states how Washington and Colorado have approved recreational marijuana. It’s playful, but hey , apparently the legal use of weed makes people extremely happy. Either way, people would still be smoking it, might as well make it legal to avoid so many police busts.

Well, I guess “this means I’m gonna smoke a lot of weed tonight! Woo!”

Alright, no I’m not, but I had to use it.

What? Williams going “full metal stoner” ? I suppose him and his other anchor bantering back and forth on snacks such as Cheetos, Mallomars, baked goods as munchies does portray a certain image. These anchors are just having a ball when it comes to reporting the pot legalization. They giggle, crack jokes, and have quite the array of play on words. Dude where’s my bong, Rocky Mountain High, Mile High State. How corny and lovely. As a skit later shows, these anchors joke about weed constantly but make sure to emphasize the fact that they don’t do it now.

Look at that, a reference to Jon Stewart in Half Baked!


Hm, an interesting point from John Oliver stating that Obama was trying to lose. Four times together stating that he ‘took a dive’.

Why would he do that? Why blow it?

Economy explodes -> Obama and Romney  are Thelma and Louise and they just messed up…

Well, that’s an interesting theory, that it was a deceitful campaign and Romney too wanted to blow it so he wouldn’t have to deal with the ‘mess’ that Obama left behind. Well played Romney and Obama, but sadly Obama messed up.

Ah John Oliver, always bringing an interesting view point to light.

That’s also what I like about this show and the way Jon Stewart presents it. There’s very true , factual news involved that he likes to poke fun of. Then there’s outrageous little skits such as Oliver’s that are just completely comical, but have that small, super tiny part of your mind wondering”…wait a minute, what if that was what happened?”

Now you have an elaborate conspiracy theory stuck in your mind and you just can’t get rid of it.


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