Petraeus: A Lifetime Movie Event


 Glenn Beck Program – November 15, 2012

(Right in the beginning he mentions he is wearing the creepiest Kermit the Frog sweater, thank god he knows it’s disturbing.)

Glenn’s got a smart mouth on him whenever he is reporting on this show. He brings up Obama’s first press conference in eight months, and the questions are asking if and when he is going to sit down with Romney, how will he try to work together with Congress, and what he plans to do about climate change. Beck doesn’t hold back, and says these questions are beyond childish when he states that his eight year old son would be disgusted by such questions and would be able to ask better ones. According to him, Obama avoids questioning about Benghazi, and the Petraeus case (which Beck jokes will soon become a lifetime movie, and I have no doubt that this will in fact happen).

Beck still talking about Petraeus made me want to bash my head into a wall, but thankfully he changed topics and instead sat in a Halloween-like setting.

Oh yes, he had the creepy spooky lighting, an Ouija board (to talk to the spirits) and a crystal ball, where he made a few predictions:

  • Administration, President will not be impeached, will raise taxes on rich.
  • Benghazi will just go away in the middle of the night.
  • Media will continue to ask softball questions.

Beck talks about how history is simply repeating itself. Before explaining this, he has someone go and interview Americans, asking them if they knew what a fiscal cliff was. He showed the ignorance of Americans, who thought it was a real location. His interviewer joked around with it, explaining to people it was in Aruba or out west and that it was a beautiful place. How sad is that? He says people don’t know what the fiscal cliff is because it wasn’t talked about. It wasn’t talked about since it wouldn’t help anyone politically. In fact, if people were informed on what it was, it would actually hurt certain people politically.

He goes on to compare America to Germany, and their Weimar Republic before it fell. They began to print more money to make up for the debt they fell into after WWI, then inflation began.  Beck predicts that America is going to fall like Germany’s government did, and we’ll all soon be waiting in line for bread, butter, and gas.

Beck uses a lot of history to support his predictions. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it. Although history does repeat itself, I feel that if it’s caught soon enough, there’s an opportunity to change what will happen for the better. Now, upon hearing this I’m sure Beck would call me an idiot and make fun of me for not understanding 98% of America’s financial woes, but that’s the case with most of the population. If Beck is right however, and the government does fall (which he seems to believe will happen because of the sex scandals ruining trust in the government, and now the economy), then kudos to him, he finally has a correct prediction.

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