Petraeus Sex Capades


Glenn Beck Program – November 13, 2012

(I’m a terrible person, Glenn Beck wearing glasses makes me think of a hipster Glenn Beck…I have issues. Also does he dye his hair? It looks …more platinum, if he grows it out and spikes it he can be Guy Fieri’s twin brother.)

“Forget murdered ambassador, Petraeus is having sex on the shuffleboard court!” That was followed by a weird giggle by Beck, and me wondering if I heard that correctly, which I did. That’s quite traumatizing, especially since he again refers to this as grandpa’s having sex, geez if you’ve ever wanted to throw up your meal, Beck will help you do just that. He calls the media’s “sexier stories” the “Petraeus Sex Capades”. Well look at that, no one can seem to give up this juicy story. It’s as though the government has turned into a terrible TV drama made for teenagers with everything that is going on. You have general John Allen sending inappropriate emails to Jill Kelly, who is engaged in a catfight over Petraeus with Paula Broadwell who sent Kelly a letter something like “stay away from my man!”. Kelly is so concerned she sends this to the FBI, who are not interested, except one person who believes they should pursue this, but he is removed from the case when it is found out that he sent shirtless photos of himself to Jill Kelly. Well good for her, she can get everyone in the government she desires huh?

These sex scandals just really know how to shake a nation. Such scandals are basically designed to discredit the military (again, another conspiracy which Beck is strongly supporting, which is now making even me paranoid). He mentions the only other sex scandals heard of was the White House being involved with the Secret Service sex scandals (what he describes as basically sleeping with hookers overseas). Well, the government is an active bunch now aren’t they?

The show actually mentions something besides sex scandals, mentions bullying. Man without arms and legs who tried to kill himself at the tender age of ten years old (Nick Vuijicic). Also mentions the disabled girl who is subject to bullying in high school, Chy Johnson. Beck talks about the heartwarming story of a young athlete and their entire football team defending this young girl from her bullies. A phone call from the girl’s mother asking what was going on turns into him and his team defending the young girl and eventually becoming friends with her. It’s as though she has an entire family at school to defend her. This is heartwarming to hear from him, as well as interesting to see some emotion from him. The family was supposed to be on satellite with him but the satellite stopped working, which is a shame. I thought the entire how would be about the Petraeus and sex scandals within the government, but this took a different turn which was enjoyable to see.

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