Petraeus Was Betrayed


Glenn Beck Program- November 12, 2012

(Just loving how in the beginning he announces how bad he is at ‘calling the election’, take that Romney supporter!)

“The media is at its last stand…can’t count on any of the major outlets to report the truth.”

In the beginning of the program Glenn Beck mentions how the media is failing to report the truth due to inaccurate major news stories.

He then goes on to discuss the Petraeus case, his affair, and what the government did wrong. Beck states that he believes Petraeus was put in charge of the CIA because he was hated. The old saying ‘keep your enemies close’ was used quite literally, as this provided them with a fall guy and someone to manipulate. By making this affair known, it would disgrace Petraeus and destroy his reputation, which would cause even more distrust among the military and government from the people.

“Only hurdle left for progressives was military…weaken every institution…only one left standing, the military”—Beck stating that for progressives to overthrow the government was to weaken the military. According to the administration, as Beck notes, they had no idea of the affair beforehand, and Beck states that is unlikely because of the administration is radically left wing. That they are lying about the situation and it was not a vetting problem. If vetting was in fact a problem, then several people should have been fired as a result. (I just had to look up vetting, never heard it used before, I was beyond confused, apparently it means to make a careful and critical examination, well alrighty then.)

From the beginning it seems as they were setting him up because he was being considered for the CIA’s top spot, rather than have him run the department of defense, which is his expertise. The fact that Petraeus was using an open email also supports that the government knew what he was doing. According to those Beck has questioned in the government, no one using email because it can be so easily hacked. Of course the government would know what Petraeus was doing.

While watching this program, I was surprised at Becks’ demeanor when it comes to reporting. He expresses a lot of emotion in his reporting, using a heavy amount of sarcasm. He also likes to crack little jokes, such as stating “Mommy and daddy are doing pushups in the other room,” in regards to Petraeus’ mistress saying they would work out or do pushups. He adds this subtle bit of humor and sarcasm to his reporting, in contrast to Jon Stewart who adds a lot of humor in his show. I like that Petraeus brings background information and evidence in his reporting. He recounts on interviews and questioning he has done in regards to the situation, rather than stating how this is all one big conspiracy, he supports his facts.


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