Up Until 2008, We Were Okay


Glenn Beck Program- November 4, 2012

Election 2012

Well, after watching this program I have questioned my political vote, but it has not changed my mind. Watching the Glenn Beck Program is just one giant Republican party. He predicts that Obama will lose by a large margin, and even goes as far to say that the Democrats will say that they will vote for Obama, but they’ll be so appealed that they will in fact vote for Romney. One of his guests even goes as far as to joke that there should be a Chick-Fil-A at the voting booths. Well, Republicans just seem so snippy!

Beck starts off by saying the nation will not survive another four years under Obama, won’t survive another four years of spending. The choice Tuesday has to include new media, personal, and business lives. He shows a clip of Obama speaking, “’Voting is the best revenge’—I’ve never heard a president say that.” Romney then uses Obama’s words at one of his speeches, rather than revenge, to vote out of love for one’s country.

Beck spends much of his time ripping into all that went wrong under Obama’s presidency. It seems as though the viewer is just being bombarded with terrible statistics. The household income has fallen 8.2%, jobs are scarce, people are earning less, and everything has become more expensive. A trip to the grocery store becomes harder and harder as food prices just continue to increase. Even gas prices have continued to rise, from 1.78 before Obama’s presidency to now well over three dollars.

He states that Obama has raised the national debt to over 16 trillion dollars, and Obama’s defense is that this happened due to “emergency spending to save economy”, wow, he really knows how to paint Obama into an evil villain doesn’t he? Well, according to him Obama’s solution is to pay for all of it by taxing the rich, taking or 1 dollar from top 50% of the nation, but the nation would still be out of money within one year, and the problem won’t be solved by taking from the top, because that leaves the bottom 50% to pay for it, and they won’t be able to. The problem is spending too much.

Obama, who supposedly supports small businesses is actually killing them with all of his regulations, “11,327 business killing regulations in first three years”. He makes it a point to show that Obama denied the Keystone Pipeline which would have provided tens of thousands of jobs.

This show, towards the end, roughly half an hour in is just one Republican bash, joking about Obama and how they predict Romney will win by a landslide.

One thought on “Up Until 2008, We Were Okay

  1. Hey Amanda!

    Clever title for the post.

    You did a very good job analyzing and responding to Glenn Beck. The picture you included at the end emphasizes the point you’re trying to make.

    Great work as usual, keep it up.

    – Sonny


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