The Newsroom


The Newsroom- Jeff Daniels certainly isn’t Harry Dunne driving around in a sheepdog van anymore (That’s a Dumb and Dumber reference people, get with the times)

I just have to start by saying you know you are into a show when once everything starts to pick up, the program stops and you want to jump and hurt whatever stopped the program from working.

In The Newsroom Jeff Daniels plays Will McAvoy, a prominent news anchor often compared to Jay Leno because he “doesn’t bother anyone”. That alone sets the events that later follow, and the viewer can assume that McAvoy doesn’t push people to their limits when he questions them. Later on when his ex-girlfriend McKenzie is hired to work with him the two fight and she says how he has gone soft. He’s only there for money and this really gets the ball going. After being berated and shouted at by her it seems on the outside as though he is un-phased by her, but when he reports on the oil spill and questions those involved it’s easy to see that her words did in fact impact him and he’s going back to the way he used to report.

Apparently McAvoy has a very lovely personality, “smart talented guy who isn’t very nice”. This is why his former EP wishes to leave, because he berated him in front of all of the crew for them to see. Sounds like someone is a bit of a baby…

When I saw that Sam Waterston was playing his boss, Charlie Skinner, I was so excited. I loved him in Law & Order so I was interested to see what character he was playing here. After all, the character of Will McAvoy kind of reminded me of Waterston’s character Jack McCoy (even the names are similar). Anyway, it was a real treat to see him go from this happy old man to his random outbursts and shouting, such as “I’m a marine I don’t care how many protein bars you’ve had I will beat the shit out of you” shouting in McAvoy’s former EP’s face. It was absolutely hilarious.

This show had me addicted within the first few minutes of Daniels’ character not answering questions straight forward. He would add humor to his responses but never actually say what they wanted to hear. Until he went on a rant saying why America isn’t the greatest country anymore, going on a rant and listing several statistics to prove such a point, but later explains how America can go back to being that way. Oh, and addressing the young lady who told him to say why America is the greatest country, by calling her ‘sorority girl’ is always nice, the poor thing looked like she wanted to cry but it was still amusing.

Give The Newsroom A Try


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