Radio Hosts Are Nuts


The Fisher King

Oh dear, Jack Lucas is one of those jerk off type radio hosts. I love how this woman, well, I don’t love how she’s speaking so slowly. It makes me want to bonk her on the head to see if it’ll make her go any faster. Well, I do love how he starts interrupting her and finishing her sentences for her. Clearly within the first ten seconds he heard why the woman’s husband is always finishing for her. She speaks slower than molasses running down a hill. He’s the type of radio host where you know he’s a pretty rude guy who doesn’t care if he offends others, but that’s what draws in the ratings. Even when he’s pressing the woman about her affair with a state senator, he’s pretty ruthless and making fun of her, but he wants to know what happened! Him talking to her was amusing to listen to, rude yes but I would listen to him just for the fact that he’s so amusing. Not sure if I’d hang out with him though, he seems the type you would want to listen to, but not be stuck with in person.

Talk Radio

Seems like Barry has had enough, he has the serious crazy eyes as he’s ranting into the microphone I mean….damn.

You know, I feel that Barry and Jack should hang out with each other. I feel like Jack would understand Barry’s rant and where he’s coming from. Since Barry says all he does is berate people and they just call in for him to be rude to them.  I’m sure Jack knows what it’s like to have such listeners since he too essentially berates his listeners.  While listening to his rant, I was starting to wonder if Barry is what Jack becomes in the future. It’s like Jack is Barry, when Barry was first doing the show and he was the hot new radio host who didn’t care about what he said or how he said it. Yet now, months or years later here he is wondering why people love him for that, and what’s wrong with the world. He seems like an interesting individual.

Pump Up the Volume

When a man starts out his ‘motivational speech’ by talking to a lizard in his hand, it’s a safe bet he’s been through some tough times, or he’s lost his mind.

….He humped a dress at the end…. So yes he has to be crazy, but even so I would hang out with him. What he says in his speech is…well it’s sort of empowering to the youth. It’s empowering and inspirational, why kill yourself when you can just make people think you’re crazy and out of your mind? What he says and how you just watch these kids lash out and rebel to get rid of their pent up emotions, it’s a powerful scene to watch.

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