Shouting Fire- ErMahGerd Protestors


Shouting Fire

(First of all that girl should get credit for riding a red horse and saying “the republicans are coming!”)

One thing I hold an issue with is the finger-printing of all those protestors. In my eyes, they are innocent, even if the government held any ‘intel’ and information that something would happen. Their arrests and finger-printing outside of that protest can really screw them over. You could have this somewhat perfect individual, 9-5 job, great pay, clean record. Now his prints are in the system due to a protest, he wants a new job but can’t get it because his employers are worried about the record he holds. Sure, some may understand this, but others, and I feel that most of them would have an issue and make it seem worse than what it really is.

Watching this video, I can understand the NYPD’s need to try to subdue these protestors before something awful happens, but they corral them like animals and treat them as though they are convicts. It’s one thing to take precaution and want to keep them in a certain area. It’s another thing to completely turn around and treat them as convicted criminals, penning them in like animals and arresting an entire group of protestors for expressing their opinion.

One wants to be safe and is thankful for the police’s work in trying to stop anything bad from happening, but then again they do a poor job of being precautious. It’s one of those situations where you want to wait until something bad happens so they can act accordingly. Then again, if they wait until something happens there’s a possibility that things can become devastatingly bad. There’s no way of telling what the extent of ‘something bad’ is until someone is shot or a bomb goes off. As un-orthodox as that is, it’s really the only other option. It’s either we let the police treat protestors like felons to make sure nothing goes wrong, or we wait until a possible bomb goes off for them to react. That is of course, if there is anyone there to react in that situation.


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