Birth of the Red Violin


The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- What to listen to when you’re feeling dark and mischievous and really want to stir up trouble

Track 4: Birth of the Red Violin

Another good song which I would rate a three out of five, I suppose because it’s not as dark and heavy as the Death of Anna, which again had an amazing buildup. I do feel though if you’re just in a horrible mood and it’s a cloudy terrible day (as it is today) this song just works so well to set the mood.

Rainy day, feeling terrible?

Here’s a dose of Birth of the Red Violin, a lovely song for an instrument that will go on to kill plenty of people and cause terrible luck (woopsies spoiler)!

I love the beginning, this slow dark tone that slowly incorporates that high pitched violin. It’s so haunting and the fact that’s slow can make someone feel uneasy and a little paranoid, like say making them look out their window every few moments to make sure there’s no masked murderer waiting outside.  At 1:10 (Spotifiy timer) the violin just holds this one long note and it’s so sinister. It’s completely perfect for someone who wants to feel like an evil villainous genius!  As much as I personally love this song there’s no way I can recommend this to my friends, I’ve tried, it does not work well. Very few of them want to listen to a purely instrumental soundtrack.  They won’t even give it a try just because it’s an instrumental soundtrack, one would think the next step is to get them to watch the movie yes?

Well no.

That does not work either, when I told them about the movie they were even less disinterested (note: never mention how long the movie is). It takes quite a lot to convince my group of friends (which is sad) and so far not a single one has budged. However if you can convince someone to watch the movie, or know someone that appreciates string/orchestral music, then I think they will enjoy this song very much. Especially if they have a sinister or mischievous side to them.


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