Death of Anna is so awesome– Wait not in that way!


The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- This is my favorite song and it’s quite enchanting

Track 3: Death of Anna (you can find it on Spotify! :D)

Well let’s see if I had to rate that song I would give it a four out of five. It was definitely difficult to pick a favorite, with Kaspar’s Audition pulling in at a close second. It’s also difficult to rate the song because the entire soundtrack is a masterpiece, but I would give it a four out of five (what can I say I’m a harsh grader). This song just has such an amazing build up from the very beginning. Granted in the movie, and as you can see in the title, the subject matter of the song isn’t so lovely but at least the song itself sounds great!

The buildup from the very beginning feels like you are in a horror movie. It’s almost as though the violin is screaming as it’s being played, until 0:52 (Spotify timer) where it just stops and settles down. This track is my favorite because I feel like I can take that beginning build up and set it to any murder scene in a horror movie. I feel like it would work best for the silent killers like Michael or Jason, Freddy would just ruin it, he talks way too much. It’s so haunting and disturbing. It’s all the little sounds in the beginning of the track in the background. All the numerous string instruments playing at different pitches that really set this terrifying tone. It’s such a rich sound and it can send chills up someone’s spine.

Personally I love putting this song on at night. I have a mother that scares incredibly easily so I’ve made it my goal in the near future to put it as loud as possible on my laptop at night just before she goes to bed and walk around the hallway with the laptop to scare her. It’s great because the closer I get to her the louder the music will be her ears, it’s like another build up, and the scare factor is just rich. You definitely want to use this song if you plan on freaking someone out.

Just like Sam Jackson over here freaks me out in this picture.


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