If I EVER need a theme song, this is not it


The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- If you actually listen to this track while committing a crime you will most likely fall asleep and be caught within moments

Track 18: The Theft

I’m just going to cut to the chase and rate this a two out of five. I would to sit here and say that I absolutely adore this track and everyone should listen to it and make it their theme song for life, but I’m disappointed by it. It’s a nice track there’s nothing wrong with it per se but I just find myself to be bored with it. The buildup is disappointing, a soft mellow tone that doesn’t sound very sinister like the rest of the track. At 1:12 the track starts to get a bit better, but that’s only if you find yourself able to get through the first minute. I know a minute seems like a short amount of time but when you’re waiting for a good part to come on, it feels like forever. The best part is at 1:50 (again Spotify timer) but the song is barely over two minutes, so the good part is really only at the end.

This is not the song I would use to try to convince anyone to listen to the soundtrack or watch the movie. It’s a bit dull and it doesn’t have the same excitement or intensity as the other tracks do. It isn’t a bad piece but it isn’t amazing either, it’s just okay. It’s a little disappointing that the best part is at the end with about twenty seconds left, but if you’re watching the movie then the music doesn’t really put a damper on the scene.

When listening to this outside of the movie, for example on my commute I really don’t notice the song is playing until those last twenty seconds. I feel a little bad but then again it doesn’t draw my attention like the Death of Anna or Birth of the Red Violin.


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