Oh What Fun, It Was To Write!

The Red Violin Soundtrack- Twas an interesting journey.

Overall Album Rate: 4

So this album is pretty damn awesome if I do say so. Like I said before it’s so hauntingly good. In a weird way it’s kind of soothing even though it brings out insane feelings of paranoia at night (but that is just me). So wise word of advice, listen to this with either the lights on or during the day and you should be fine.  This soundtrack just has so many amazing buildups that lead to really promising conclusions (aside from The Theft, but that’s just a fluke).

I like that it ties into the movie so well. When listening to the album in a way the music portrays the story, and it does it very well. The sound track does a great job of sounding so sinister, mischievous, and haunting in all of its tracks. Although there are some slow parts where the buildup seems to go on forever, and you just want to get to the good stuff, in most cases it is worth the wait. John Corigliano composed a wonderful score and I can see (well hear) why he won an Academy Award for his masterpiece.

It’s so hauntingly good. I say that a lot but it really is a great piece.

Interestingly enough, the red violin is actually a real instrument! Although it goes by the name “Red Mendelssohn” and is played by Elizabeth Pitcairn, who has had the violin since she was sixteen years old (wow, lucky kid).  Some people speculate that this talented violinist is the violin’s true soul mate, considering she is the only person to bring it to concert halls to play and share with the world. The Christie’s auction in 1990 in London is apparently what the film is based on. That violin sold for 1.7 million dollars, can you believe that? The violin was crafted in 1720 by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona , Italy. The violin has such a title by the red stripe on its top right side, but no one is sure why that is.

Here is the violin’s owner now, playing a part of the movie soundtrack. It’s quite beautiful actually, and even more creepy considering she’s playing the actual, supposedly haunted violin. That thing was missing for 210 ten years and no one knows what happened to it during that time.




Most definitely.


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