The Red Violin Is Hauntingly Hypnotic


The Red Violin Soundtrack

Not going to lie I was pretty excited about getting this album, even though it was my second choice. I happen to love instrumental music and movie scores (Danny Elfman’s Batman score, check it out if you’re mentally sane it’s epic).

In my opinion, when the soundtrack to a movie is purely instrumental, it’s usually pretty promising, hence Danny Elfman in any work he’s ever done, or “Star Wars”, but that’s just what I think.

The soundtrack comes from the movie “The Red Violin” (go figure huh?) and the score was done by John Corigliano. The film in fact won the 1999 Academy Award for best movie score, (another hint as to this being a promising musical experience).  It’s also won several Genie awards in 1998 for best art direction, best cinematography, best costume design, and best director.

(John Corigliano is quite an accomplished composer and musician. He in fact comes from a musical family, his father a former concert master of the New York Philharmonic, and his mother an educator as well as a pianist. Not only does he teach at the Juliard School, but also at Lehman College he holds the title “Distinguished Professor of Music”).

Now naturally when you have a movie soundtrack one has to watch the movie!

I’m not going to post a review of the movie here but it is just wicked and awesome. Especially Samuel Jackson, because he is not cursing up a storm threatening to shoot people, this is the only role that I am aware of where he does not do that, so kudos to him for showing some restraint! So if you aren’t the faint of heart I suggest you watch it, if you are, watch it anyway and just have an EMT on standby. It’s really worth the 131 minutes.

Initial Impression

Wow, so I’m using my initial impression from watching the movie and listening to the music from there. When watching this film you just become so engrossed in the storyline. The music is so haunting and personally it seems as though it’s hypnotic, it just keeps you engrossed and attached to what’s going on. I feel that it really draws on the emotion from these unfortunate characters and really just adds on to the acting. First it just starts out as this background melody as the characters speak and their story unravels,  but then it picks up and gets louder. It doesn’t consume the scenes, but it just becomes a part of it. When words aren’t spoken, the music does all the talking.

Although I must add this little part, when I saw the husband running behind the small child and seeing the child stop to turn around and wait for him, I did laugh, but… I’m just slightly cruel.

As a person who plays classical guitar, listening to the soundtrack made me want to pick up that guitar and learn the entire score it’s addicting.

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