The Red Violin Soundtrack – After One Week, Here’s a Story!

The Red Violin Soundtrack (1998)- Listen to this on any form of public transportation and you’re good for the day

No seriously, just try it.

Listening to the soundtrack while on the bus really jumpstarts my commute to school. For one particular instance, listening to Pope’s Betrayal on the bus just lets your imagination wander. I was on my way to campus at seven in the morning and these two people sat down in front of me. I have no idea what relation they had to each other but this song just made me want to hand them a cup of coffee and console them. It’s not even like the two were sobbing uncontrollably. It’s the fact that it was so early in the morning, the sunrise over the Gil Hodges bridge is burning your eyes, and here are these two people talking to each other like they were stabbing each other with their eyes. Well they looked like they were whispering but how would I know I had headphones on.

Anyways, they just looked so un-interested in what was going on around them. There were no smiles, no indication of any happy feelings, the man would frown or furrow his eyebrows a lot so I think they were talking about a topic that wasn’t too….happy. Well with this lovely music on in the background I just made their conversation up in my head. See while listening to this I imagined the two were married and the husband caught her cheating and he was confronting. So there’s this part in the song around 1:50 where the violin changes between very high pitch to a lower pitch back and forth almost like an argument. It was great it was like the two were arguing about what happened and there’s this crescendo to where it was silent for about two seconds before softer music rolls in. If there speaking was in time with that crescendo it would have made my day, but it wasn’t.

I have quite the vivid imagination when it comes to staring at people and painting their life stories in my mind.

So as you can see even after a week this sound track is still a great listen. I don’t hate it. In fact it makes my commute that much more entertaining. I’m sure those two people wouldn’t find it entertaining but I did. Sure there are some parts when listening to the album where it’s slow and soft, and you just want it to pick up so it’s faster and more aggressive, but the buildup to get to that point is so worth the wait. Although I will admit to becoming impatient and just fast forwarding through to my favorite parts.

One week later, still going strong.


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