What It’s Like to Be a Fan Of…Supernatural


Supernatural Fandom

Coming this fall Supernatural will be rolling into it’s tenth season of the show, and my how the show has grown along with the fandom (Because you know, ten years is a long time.) It’s been announced that their 200th episode will be a musical episode. Some are delighted with the news, practically foaming at the mouth at the thought of Dean and Castiel belting out a lovely ballad to one another. Others groan and swear until the end of time that the show is overdone and should have quit while it was ahead.

But to be a fan of the show means you have to take the good with the bad, and that means dealing with the fans on the opposite sides of the spectrum and some of the more devastating details of the show.

  • Dean and Castiel could spend an entire season ignoring one another, and there will be some that would argue it’s sexual tension and undeniable love
  • Sam and Dean could physically undress each other and some will say they’re possessed or ill and that Dean really loves Castiel–even though Wincest was most likely the name of their first ship.
  • You may disagree with the ships, but everyone can agree on their love for Satan and Death
  • You’re guaranteed to hear at least one “John was a good father in the end!”
  • You’ll learn that every female on the show is is met with hate, just in case they become a love interest for one of the main stars.
    • Or you learn not to pay the many mind because most often they’re dead by the end of the episode.
    • Or a lesbian, so no one fears the romantic advances of a woman on their boys.
  • Everyone dies or is near death at least once, no one is safe.
    • Everyone you love dies, do not open your heart to a character, it’s easier that way (but it’ll happen anyway)
  • No matter how radically good you are, you find yourself siding with the demons and monsters on occasion.
  • Angels are actually dicks

But the most important lesson one learns from Supernatural and the fandom…

Family don’t end with blood.


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