A Walk Among The Tombstones


It’s so easy to make jokes about Liam Neeson and Taken because….well, his family members just can’t seem to stop disappearing. Really, at this point one should just stop leaving the country and stay home. Perhaps take a walk around the block, going after hostile kidnappers is just not a healthy hobby for anybody.

Now I am fully aware there is a Taken 3 in the works, believe me, I just never realized where exactly in production it was. I was caught by complete surprise when watching TV (let’s face it, it was background nose while doing some online shopping) to hear ‘Someone’s kidnapped my wife’.

Immediately my mind went to the plot of another Taken film.

This is exactly where I caught the trailer.

The entire time I thought, “Someone needs to put trackers on this man’s family, keep them home, something. Someone should not be losing relatives this often especially if they’re not even children. It’s completely understandable to lose children but full grown adults? You’re doing something wrong sir.” Yes, I’m well aware it’s not okay to lose children but these humans are just so small you’re bound to lose sight of them for five or so minutes.

It turns out this was not a new Taken film but in fact A Walk Among The Tombstones trailer, a film set to be released September 19, 2014. The film is based on the 1992 novel written by Lawrence Block following a private investigator by the name of Matthew Scudder.

Personally I haven’t read the book so I do not know what to expect from the movie, but it seems Liam Neeson is rather talented in selecting films that involve kidnappings but hey, to each their own!

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