Smackdown Live

(There's a beautiful "Snowbody Keeps Me from Raw" sign, well done, my hat tips to you sir or madame, or small human in the audience) For this special edition of Smackdown, we are greeted to the evening by the entrance of Triple H. For the most part he deflects the controversy surrounding Sunday's Royal Rumble.... Continue Reading →


Raw Substitute

Due to a gnarly blizzard that has begun to hit the north east and will continue to beat the crap out of said¬†section of the country for ages, Raw Live in Hartford, Connecticut was canceled. In it's place there were interviews at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. During this time we are treated to a... Continue Reading →

Royal Rumble 2015

So....that was quite the eventful night, wasn't it? There's a bit to cover, so let's start with the results of the Pre-Show. Kofi Kingston, Big E Langston (New Day) Vs Tyson Kidd, Cesaro (escorted by Natalya and Adam Rose) I'd like to point out that Natalya is wearing all black and has been accompanying Tyson... Continue Reading →

Summarizing Smackdown

Smackdown is boring these days. Nothing happens except basic filler content to keep us somewhat satisfied until Monday. Gone are the days of storylines and action. Smackdown may have been moved back to Thursday, but more will need to be done to get it back into shape than just changing the day it's aired. Perhaps... Continue Reading →

Daniel Bryan Returns!

I don't know if you know this....but it's Thursday. Which is Smackdown night once more! ¬†To celebrate the return of sweaty, fit people beating each other on Thursdays we are graced with a new intro. Which....okay, it's new, that's about all there is to say in regards to it. Immediately as Smackdown starts the viewers... Continue Reading →

Authority’s Revenge

Welcome to 2015! To start the new year we have a brand new introduction, great! New introductions are always nice, sadly they don't make up for the following program which is lacking in...well...actually being entertaining. While these days it may be hard to live up to last week's Edge and Christian spectacular with a very... Continue Reading →

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