Daniel Bryan Returns!


I don’t know if you know this….but it’s Thursday.

Which is Smackdown night once more!  To celebrate the return of sweaty, fit people beating each other on Thursdays we are graced with a new intro. Which….okay, it’s new, that’s about all there is to say in regards to it.

Immediately as Smackdown starts the viewers are graced with Daniel Bryan’s presence, and this time he’s in ring gear and ready for a fight. After a lovely trip down memory lane of Kane’s brutal betrayal, Daniel swears he can beat him.

Hmmm….a man he considered a brother and was a former tag team champion with but was ultimately betrayed… Starting to get some Shield flashbacks here.

Escorting Kane to the ring is none other than the Authority–minus of course mommy dearest and disgruntled and disowned big brother Randy Orton. Hmmm, Kane being escorted to the ring by the Authority. Sounds like a particular group is going to gang up on the man. Well, whatever may happen, this leads us to our first match.

Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

After a lot of back and forth between the former tag team champions, Daniel manages to get Kane into the ‘Yes’ lock. Unfortunately for Daniel the authority refuses to let their reformed demon lose. Kane’s entourage attacks which leads to a disqualification on his part giving Daniel the win.

As Daniel is retreating from the attack by going up the ramp with the Authority in hot pursuit, we see two men come out and flank him on either side. The first to step out is Dean Ambrose, absolutely ready for a fight. The second man is Roman Reigns, and now that Daniel has backup the Authority refuses to fight them…

Until later that night in a six man tag-team match.

I must say, Daniel standing up there with Roman and Dean offering help reminds me so much of the Shield days. Ah, how bittersweet and painful.

Excuse me I’ll be in my corner crying and reminiscing.

Promo: Bray Wyatt

Yeah we haven’t seen much of the crazy swamp thing but I kid you not, his hair was smoking. No, really, every time he moved smoke just billowed from his hair.

There is something living in Bray’s hair, and it likes to smoke.

After repeating (once more) that he will win the rumble, he reminds everyone to follow the buzzards. I suppose that’s less corny than ‘follow your heart’.

The Usos and Naomi vs Miz, Mizdow, and Alicia Fox

Once again we see Miz tag Mizdow!

…Only for Alicia Fox to tag herself in seconds later. Way to ruin a good thing.

Miz wins the match for the team after Alicia interferes. This leads to an entire shit show of distractions for the Usos. Although, Jimmy did pull off a very cool move where he launched Naomi into the air to get to Alicia behind him.

Job well done!

Promo: Renee and Roman

Whoever is writing Roman’s promos….please, for the love of all that is at least somewhat sacred, stop it. Let the man speak on his own. It’s awkward and forced and while yes, he did point out that Big Show is a giant cry baby and that is completely true…it’s just awkward! It physically pains me to watch.

The man has natural sass and charisma, let him put it to good use.

Paul Heyman Bitch Fit:

Let it be known that Paul Heyman does not like for his clients such as the Beast, Brock Lesnar, to be curb stomped. So to show how angry he is he has a complete fit in the ring, stating that at first all Brock did was conquer simply for the fact that he could.

However, Seth made the mistake of bringing this to a personal level. Now at this point Seth does what he does best when it comes to Paul Heyman…he interrupted the man.

Then he too had an absolute fit and wanted to cash in right at that very moment. Luckily for him (because let’s face it, what a dumb, spontaneous move that was) Brock was not in the building.

Now Seth, being a great and charismatic heel does what any good heel would do.

“If I can’t curb stomp Brock Lesnar I’m going to curb stomp you.”

Paul would say this is stupid. I can’t blame him, what good is that? You’re just creating more issues with the man who’s called a beast. However Seth explains why it’s a smart decision. Brock is all muscle but Paul is the brains of the operation. Paul is Brock’s greatest asset and by taking him out–well he basically ruins Brock.

Well said, you evil genius.

Fortunately for Paul he manages to talk himself out of getting his head curb stomped. Although I am quite curious to see how that would have gone.

Natalya vs. Nikki Bella

This was disappointing. Not for a lack of trying from the women but the crowd was absolutely dead, and that is a confidence breaker. Or at least just makes the crowd very dreary and depressing, I don’t know I’m not a wrestler.

But towards the end of the match while the referee is distracted by Brie trying to cause a disturbance, Paige slaps Nikki. This allows Natalya to get Nikki into the sharpshooter and take the win.

Promo: Renee and Big Show

The massive cry baby swears he will knock out every single person in the royal rumble. His tag team partner for the evening Kane joins in, and uh….well, he’s not too happy either.

I wish there was more to say but lately Big Show has just been boring to listen to.

Sin Cara vs. Bad News Barrett

Intercontinental Title

While Sin Cara displays a great feat of strength by lifting up Barrett, a bull hammer elbow secured Barrett the win.

Promo: Dean Ambrose

Now it’s his turn to say he’s going to win the royal rumble because…he has no regard for self-preservation and will put everything out on the line.

Here’s the difference between Dean and Roman’s promos. Dean’s promos flow so easily and they suit his personality perfectly. The freedom that Dean has to speak, giving his little stories and background information before coming across his point, it works for him.

Not everyone needs a script, think about it!

Dean, Roman, and Daniel vs. Seth, Kane, Big Show

Dean Ambrose really has not had any luck this week with his left leg. The man has been getting absolutely decimated and attacked over that limb. He also took quite the brutal beating. The match itself was chaotic–which is promising when Seth, Dean, and Roman are all in the ring together. Now with Daniel Bryan in the mix it’s just bound to be a good time. Bodies were flying in and out of the ring in all directions.

As Kane is about to get the pin on Daniel, Roman barrels through and tackles him before diving out of the ring and fighting with the Big Show while Dean takes care of Seth and security. Daniel manages to pick up the win for the team.

Yet no celebration is quite a celebration until Triple H makes his appearance. Since he is a bitter, sore loser, Triple H makes it known that on next week’s Smackdown Daniel will have a rematch with Kane.

Oh, and if he loses he isn’t going to the Royal Rumble.

Well that’s certainly lovely.

Whether or not I’m over thinking this and completely imagining it I don’t know, but there’s a lot of very reminiscent Shield movements happening. It could be because the three of them are finally reunited in (or around) the ring once more. Perhaps it’s the hopeful part of me wanting more drama within this story line. The way they move about the exterior of ring when one is tossed out is so reminiscent of the Shield days where the two would watch over the one.

Hell, Seth even tells Dean “You got a lot of guts and you got no brains”. Aw, how heart breaking, it’s like when they broke up and were first fighting, charming.

Personally, I feel like it could be leading to something bigger between the three of them.Then again, I’m quite the hopeful, naive viewer.

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