Raw Substitute


Due to a gnarly blizzard that has begun to hit the north east and will continue to beat the crap out of said section of the country for ages, Raw Live in Hartford, Connecticut was canceled. In it’s place there were interviews at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. During this time we are treated to a sort of shoutout to Al Roker with our very own JBL outside acting as the resident weatherman. A very sarcastic and bitter weatherman, but one nonetheless.

When not conducting interviews, they replayed last night’s triple threat match and the Royal Rumble itself. The following are points from each interview that I took away as being either important or just interesting. Or I wrote it down and I’m not sure why.

Seth Rollins Interview

  • Deserved to be in the match (He knows this)
  • Admits to underestimating Brock Lesnar; but said man also underestimated Seth and his ring ability
  • Highlights his elbow drop off the top rope, and Phoenix Splash (not corkscrew moonsault Cole, get yourself together)

Once Seth hears that Brock is in the building and will be interviewed next, he wants Brock himself to kick him out of his seat. Rather than anyone getting curb stomped or a German suplex thrown about, Seth stands up and offers Brock his seat….but then throws it to the floor like a petulant child.

Stay classy, Seth Rollins, stay classy.

Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman

  • Paul clarifies they are not at odds with the Authority, so long as they can afford to pay for Brock’s services
  • We are forced to relive the trauma of Brock ending Undertaker’s streak
  • Brock makes an awkward comparison of himself to a steam roller
  • Brock is NOT intimidated in the slightest by Roman Reigns and even wants to meet the man (oh dear)

Roman Reigns 

Rather than a forced, scripted promo about fairytales and bean stalks, Roman is finally allowed to be himself which is exactly the direction they should be taking with him. Here Roman uses actual stories about his family and real situations to portray himself as a man ready to Main Event.

  • Fine with being thrown in with the sharks, it’s how he learns, he’s ready
  • In regards to being booed: as long as he can do his job, he’s happy and not worried about it. It’s not exactly fair to himself and no one wants to be booed when they win but he accepts it
  • In being hand picked: it’s just an opportunity, but it’s his job to take it and prove himself.
  • Address that he does in fact come from a family of successful wrestlers, but he is carving his own path

Dean Ambrose stumbles into WWE HQ

This man walked from Hartford to Stamford, then later hitched a ride in an attempt to get to HQ. Sure, there was an altercation with a man at a gas station and things were rather questionable and possibly illegal at some point but it doesn’t matter. He heard that Raw was being held at HQ and he was committed to the cause!

He was also committed into vowing that he will make it into Wrestlemania no matter what it takes. I like to think he’ll just walk down the ramp during a match, knock someone out and take their place.

Daniel Bryan Interview

  • Reaction to early elimination: Disappointed he didn’t win, wanted the ultimate David vs Goliath (in regards to fighting with Brock Lesnar)
  • Admits failure is on him
  • Doesn’t doubt that Roman can put on a good show

Roman Meets Brock

  • Paul congratulations Roman, then “kindly asks permission to ask the questions”, charming. Paul is now the interviewer
  • Makes it a point of going through the long history of Roman’s family and his interactions with them.
  • Points out Brock beat the Rock for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Rock never asked for a rematch because one loss was enough
  • Question: “How will you handle losing to Brock Lesnar?”
  • Rather than address Paul, Roman turns and addresses Brock
    • Brock doesn’t know what he’s up against, Roman will take the title, but if not then he will take a piece of Brock with him (ow)
  • Brock jumps up, so does Roman. It appears to be a fight but instead Brock says “Unlike him (Paul), I don’t respect you”
  • To which Roman cooly replies: “But you will.”

Now that is how you redeem a controversial Royal Rumble and sell a Wrestlemania Main Event match. Vince should bow down and kiss the ground Paul glides on.

In regards to this Thursday, it will be a live Smackdown event. One of the matches lined up for that day is a Casket Match between Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Other announcements were Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be the celebrity inductee to the Hall of Fame. They really missed out on calling him the “Hall of Fame-Inator”.

They also announced two matches for Fast Lane. John Cena vs. Rusev was one. I will be incredibly surprised if Super Cena isn’t the one to finally pin Rusev, but it would be great if he wasn’t. Then a challenge was issued from Triple H to Sting for Fast Lane. Will Sting accept? Probably not, but we’ll see what happens.

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