Smackdown: AKA Nap Time 2/26/15

Smackdown should best be known as nap time, no doubt about that. It has become the recap show and nothing remotely progressive happens on the show that won't happen in a more prominent way on Monday Night Raw. There's minimal to none story progression and the entire programming has become a bore. It can't even... Continue Reading →


Raw 2/23/15

Raw starts with the audience in Nashville, Tennessee giving a nice, warm welcome back to Randy Orton. Mind you, he is absolutely livid that he's been put out of action for "four freakin' months" by the Authority's new favorite child, Seth Rollins. Really, it's hard to be the older son and be neglected for the... Continue Reading →

Fast Lane 2/22/15

The pre-show for this pay per view did not include a match. This time, we were blessed to watch The Miz treat Mizdow like he was a dog....or a child. Or a weird hybrid of the two. Actually now that I think about it, that's rather concerning. Either way, after the pre-show the event jumped... Continue Reading →

Smackdown 2/19/15

Luckily for the viewers of Smackdown, the evening does not start with a John Cena mope-a-thon. Instead it bypasses any sort of promo or tantrum thrown in the ring. It jumps right into the first match which happens to end rather quickly. Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz A quick clip is shown of Miz belittling Mizdow... Continue Reading →

Raw: Wonderfully Abusive 2/16/15

Unfortunately for Raw Orlando, the evening starts with John Cena wielding a microphone. This obviously signifies he will give one of his signature speeches that are all about himself and how he's always beaten down by everyone else. Almost like he's stuck in this mind set that he's the underdog even though that's far from the... Continue Reading →

Smackdown:The Summary Show 2/5/15

Welcome back to Smackdown, where two hours of your highly productive Thursday night is used to summarize Monday Night Raw and make you wish for Mondays even more! This weekly, depressing television event starts with the entrance of the Miz and Mizdow for Miz TV. Poor personal assistant Mizdow is reduced to sitting next to... Continue Reading →

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