WrestleMania 31 PRE-SHOW: 3/29/15


The Pre-Show

The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. Big E, Kofi Kingston (New Day) vs. Tyson Kidd, Cesaro

Fatal 4-Way for Tag Team Titles (should have been on the main show)

Cesaro and Kofi starts off the match before Cesaro is quickly tagged out by the Matadores tagging themselves in. Once Cesaro is out the ring he drives Jey Uso right into the barrier. All the while the crowd is chanting for their Swiss Superman.

Really, it’s going to be one big, brutal brawl, especially if you’re Jimmy Uso and your tag team partner has been escorted away from the ring by a trainer.

Jimmy goes on a rampage super-kicking everyone possible all by himself considering his brother is injured. He does deliver rather well when he uses his father’s move in all four corners of the ring.

Uso booty for everyone!

Cesaro manages to pull off an impressive move by suplexing Big E off of the ropes. Well…ouch. Not as impressive, Tyson uses Natalya as a shield, but it is a valid strategy. Natalya makes sure to do her share and get El Torito to tap out to the sharpshooter at ringside. Naomi helps her husband fly off the top rope and the two take out a few competitors at ringside. That results in Naomi and Natalya getting into it where Naomi delivers a wonderful ‘rear-view’ to the pink Hart.

There was a….I suppose…six man suplex? Two towers of three of pure-suplex glory where everyone was taken out.

Cesaro pulls off an impress self-tag, catching Jimmy on the ankle right as he prepares to dive off of the turnbuckle. As the legal man, Cesaro covers Big E and retains the tag team titles for himself and Tyson Kidd.

Well hot damn, what a match. It was amazing, and it definitely should have been on the main show. However, it’s great that they retained their titles.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The ring just looks like a dangerous place to be at the moment. It is packed to the max with competitors and things are going to get ugly in this skirmish.

Although, everything does stop for Axelmania to run somewhat wild. Once he’s done ripping his shirt off, he body-surfs right out of the ring. Well, not willingly…but it’s quite the feat to see nearly every wrestler lend a hand in throwing him out.

Congratulations Curtis Axel to be the first man eliminated! Sorry you did not get to fully run wild.

It’s lovely to see that Miz’s ring gear is shiny and metallic, whereas his personal assistant is forced to have his ring gear with a matte finish.

Bo Dallas was so excited to eliminate Zack Ryder, that he jumped down to celebrate and run around the ring…effectively eliminated himself. Well…apparently he didn’t go over the top rope, so he was legal, but as soon as he was back in Hideo Itami eliminated him. Either way, that man was not a winner.

The Ascension manages to throw Mark Henry out of the ring–one massive competitor down, several more to go. The Ascension are later eliminated by Ryback.

The New Day puts in a valid attempt at eliminating the Big Show all together, but Big Show manages to eliminate the entire team and stay in the match.

Cesaro shows an amazing feat of strength by throwing Kane over the top rope to eliminate him. Cesaro nearly eliminates Big Show, but this time Big Show is able to throw him out of the ring as payback for last year.

The final three are Miz, Mizdow, and the Big Show–who clearly thinks it will be the easiest thing in his life to do. As usual, Miz’s ‘strategy’ is sending Damien after the Big Show to do the dirty work. However…Mizdow seems to be taking a stand against his horrible boss.


Miz’s pleas which include “it’s always been us” seem to do nothing for Mizdow. After some very violent chest-jabbing from Miz, Mizdow declares he quits and throws Miz over the ring in the best possible way, and he continues to fend Miz off as the referees attempt to get his former boss away.

Big Show is mocking Mizdow, challenging him to take him down, knowing that his giant stature would pose as an obstacle for Mizdow.

Mizdow manages to get Big Show over the top rope and on the apron and he does everything he can to get him off which includes biting his hands, but nothing works.

Mizdow is so close to eliminating the Big Show, but apparently he’s just not allowed to win. Big Show wins the battle royal.

So instead of giving Mizdow the push he deserves and the crowd so desperately wants, creative lets the senior wrestler take the win. Yes, I get it, the giant winning the battle royal in memorium of another giant…but Mizdow needed the push far more than this seasoned athlete.

The crowd was already upset with Cesaro’s elimination. The crowd was elated to see the split of Miz and Mizdow, but ultimately, creative failed to deliver by giving Big Show the win.

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