RAW: Seth Rollins is Justin Bieber….and Catwoman (4/27/15)

What a better way to start a post-PPV RAW than to start with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion--Seth Rollins along with J&J and Kane. The heat he receives is absolutely disgusting--in a wonderful way of course. He also receives some heat within the ring when he says he beat Randy all on his own. The... Continue Reading →


Extreme Rules (4/26/15)

Pre-Show Bad News Barrett cuts a promo of how Daniel Bryan isn’t medically cleared to compete. Which of course opens up the opportunity to rip on the little goat man! He does however, beckon Neville forth so that they may brawl instead. Now it’s England vs. England! Bad News Barrett vs. Neville Even through all... Continue Reading →

Why is Randy Orton a Psychopath?

To no one's surprise, Randy Orton is a little very, very off and psychotic. The man hears voices in his head, and you know this to be true because even his entrance theme repeats this idea. Randy is absolutely mental. He's been the Legend Killer, the Apex Predator, the Viper, and now the cast-off older... Continue Reading →

Why Does Sheamus Hate Munchkins?

Sheamus made his return to the WWE several weeks ago. Along with his return he brought with him a newfound hatred of munchkins. This is....quite strange, honestly. The man leaves due to an injury, only to return with this disdain for those that are smaller than he is. Well.....what could possibly cause that? Something must... Continue Reading →

Why Won’t Luke Harper Bathe?

Anyone with slightly decent vision is able to see Luke Harper's stench emanating from a mile away. Luke Harper must have mis-read a bottle of detergent in his youth and thought it read 'deterrent'; because he has certainly never grabbed a jug of Tide in his life. Honestly, even a Clorox bleach pen would help to... Continue Reading →

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