Why Does Big Show Hate Roman Reigns?


I’m afraid that there is a serious topic that needs to be discussed.  Big Show has been relentless in his torment against Roman Reigns. Well, it’s not so much torment as it is him being unable to leave the Samoan bad ass alone. But why is that? What possible reason could Big Show have for picking on him so much?

It’s quite simple really, Big Show is jealous of his hair.

No, I know, it’s a completely bizarre notion but hear me out. In case you have yet to notice, Show has been bald for quite some time. It’s not an easy thing to deal with, but he seemed to have it under control. However he’s been having these fits of rage that make him highly resemble a toddler in their ‘terrible two’s’ phase and it’s quite ridiculous. Why?

Because Roman Reigns has a majestic mane.

Show is obviously very insecure about this. He was the intimidating giant that all had feared. He was tall, strong, and somewhat entertaining. Then we have Roman Reigns; he too is tall, strong, and entertaining. Yet what does he have that Show does not? The hair! He has the flowing mane that women want to braid and men want to have.

Show wants that hair, but he can never have it.

As a result, Show is relentless in his attacks on Roman. Any moment he gets he will pick on the man. This is why we have no idea why the two have begun to feud all over again. He’s running out of excuses, and it’s only a matter of time before he is forced to confess that the reason he refuses to leave Roman alone is because he’s jealous of his hair.

Quite honestly, Big Show has to stop feuding with Roman. Not only is this childish (and should really be addressed by a therapist) but it’s not entertaining. Pairing Roman with the Big Show does nothing for either wrestler. The matches are boring no matter how much they put into it. There’s just very little chemistry between the two of them, and the fact that the story is unclear doesn’t help much.

To put an end to this, Big Show needs therapy. Or perhaps he needs to try out ‘Bosley’ and possibly become a spokesperson in the future. This is not okay, it’s affecting his work and his in-ring style. This behavior is incredibly unprofessional and not entertaining in the slightest. Please Big Show, get over your hair problems so that Roman may move on to compete with others who are better suited for him to wrestle against.

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