Why Is Seth Rollins Such a Spoiled Brat?


It doesn’t go unnoticed that Seth Rollins has everything handed to him. Countless times he has won matches and opportunities that should never have been his in the first place. Take for instance, the Money in the Bank briefcase. Should that have been his? Oh no, not in the slightest! But luckily for him mommy and daddy Stephanie McMahon and Triple H sent Kane out to make sure he got his beloved possession.

Seth has everything handed to him. From opportunities, to victories, hell, even protection from anyone. As a result, he’s become quite the entitled brat. As the golden boy of the Authority rarely has he had to put in above minimal effort to obtain something. Everything is handed to him on a golden platter while other superstars are hungry and starving for these chances.

Well then, why? Why is everything simply given to him? Why has Seth Rollins become such an entitled brat? Seth Rollins suffers from an affliction that many of us have dealt with or have witnessed in our life times.

Seth Rollins suffers from little brother syndrome.

For those who are unaware of what this affliction is, it does sound quite strange. Just so you’re aware, little brother syndrome is common with families of multiple children–always the youngest sibling.

Let’s look at his time in the Shield. Seth was always well taken care of. He had his brothers to fall back on, those brothers being the now estranged from him Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Dean and Roman made sure to protect Seth and carried him along the way–both physically and metaphorically. Seth was coddled during his time with them, planting the seeds for the brat that would soon form when joining up with the Authority.

After being adopted into the high-powered family, Seth moved on. No longer was he the young sibling to Roman and Dean, but he now become the younger brother of the highly successful Randy Orton. Seth was now the new prize of the family and it showed. While the jealously of Randy soon became obvious, the coddling of Seth became highly prominent.

Seth was constantly protected, even granted his own protectors in J&J Security. Not only that, but good uncle Kane made sure to throw in a choke slam or a tombstone any time that Seth needed help in winning. Big Show was always there to build up his confidence and spoil him with compliments. As for Randy? Well, he did his share in offering some protection or fighting his battles for him as well.

Stephanie and Triple H really sealed the deal in creating a spoiled monster. They treasured Seth Rollins, and still continue to do so seeing as he is now their champion. Stephanie constantly encouraged him like an over-protective yet incredibly loving evil mother. Then we have Hunter, the father that was clearly proud of Seth picking up a few of his mannerisms and behavior. Seth always ran to them when he was being threatened whether it was by his former brothers, John Cena, or anyone else that dared threatened his stance.

Like good parents, Stephanie and Hunter took care of him.

The actions of everyone that was close to Seth created an absolute monster. Now he firmly believes everything must be handed to him. Seth firmly believes that he is a gift to the WWE.

Seth firmly believes that the world bows down to him and kisses the ground he walks on.

Seth has a false sense of confidence in himself and the fact that nothing can go wrong, so long as the Authority take care of all of his dilemmas.

Oh Seth Rollins, one day you’ll learn ever spoiled brat is eventually disciplined.

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