Why Does Sheamus Hate Munchkins?


Sheamus made his return to the WWE several weeks ago. Along with his return he brought with him a newfound hatred of munchkins. This is….quite strange, honestly. The man leaves due to an injury, only to return with this disdain for those that are smaller than he is.

Well…..what could possibly cause that? Something must have happened during Sheamus’ absence that led to this hatred. After all, he had quite a lot of time on his hands to recover. There was obviously something he had done to fill that time, maybe he went on an adventure! Something must have happened during that adventure to incite pure rage whenever Sheamus laid his eyes upon someone smaller than him.

But why? What could possibly happen? What sort of incident could occur that would lead to this man’s change of personality? Well, it’s quite obvious.

Sheamus must’ve been fooled by a leprechaun, therefore he hates those that are smaller than him.

Honestly, it all makes perfect sense. With all this free time on his hands he needed something to do. Sure some people may take up hobbies such as knitting or perhaps learning a new instrument, but not Sheamus! No not Sheamus at all, he is a man’s man, he doesn’t like to stay put! Sheamus likes to go on adventures, explore the world!

So…Sheamus decided to go on the greatest adventure of them all. The man decided to look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Now it all may sound silly, but let us remember here we live in a world where men the likes of Stardust roam free, and people like Dean Ambrose get their skulls smashed through concrete but walk around relatively okay.

What better way to spend your free time than going on an adventure and looking for that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow? Think about it, once you find it, it’s yours. Technically you don’t even have to put it in the bank or tell anyone you found it…just hide it somewhere and save it for a rainy day. Maybe go to a new hair stylist and try something new, get your beard groomed…

But unfortunately for Sheamus, sources say he never found that pot o’ gold. There were just far too many obstacles along the way. Rolling boulders, evil dragons, goblins under the bridge–he had no trouble in vanquishing any and all enemies. His problem came when he shin-to-face with a leprechaun.

No, not Hornswoggle, he’s only part leprechaun, we mean a full-time 365(or 366) days a year little green fellow.

No this leprechaun, well, he was a bit of a malicious fellow. He never wanted the gold to be found by anyone. This meant that the devious leprechaun had to keep Sheamus away.

So, he tricked Sheamus–but to what extent? Well no one knows quite honestly. All anyone can assume is that the treatment Sheamus must have received was quite brutal at the hands of the leprechaun. Was it this man that had given Sheamus his new look? We’ll never know. Sheamus does not speak of it, and he’s the only one that truly knows aside from the leprechaun who has yet to be found.

All we know is that as a result of being fooled and hurt by such a tiny man, Sheamus has developed a bit of an inferiority complex. Now he tries to overcompensate and show how much of a man he is. However his adventure trauma is leaking into his in-ring performance, as now he singles out any competitor that is smaller than him.

Honestly, I feel as though his attacks on Neville, Dolph Ziggler, and Daniel Bryan are his way of hurting the leprechaun he could never hurt.


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