Why is Randy Orton a Psychopath?


To no one’s surprise, Randy Orton is a little very, very off and psychotic. The man hears voices in his head, and you know this to be true because even his entrance theme repeats this idea.

Randy is absolutely mental. He’s been the Legend Killer, the Apex Predator, the Viper, and now the cast-off older brother to Seth Rollins who has had to emancipate himself in order to retain some sense of sanity.

Randy’s mental health has been on a decline since he’s debuted with the WWE. He’s been betrayed by just about every stable or person he’s ever been in/ interacted with. This goes as far back as Evolution, all the way up to the Authority. Funny how both the beginning and the end both seem to involve Triple H, doesn’t it? But we’ll get back to that later.

Randy Orton has gone through a nearly year-long feud with the Undertaker, which undoubtedly destroyed any remaining innocence/mental stability he had in that brutal Hell in a Cell match.

Every which way he turned throughout his career, Randy was always partnered with someone who in the end deceived him in some way. Let’s move on to the present and his partnership with the Authority.

Now for Randy to work again with Hunter after their horrible history together can either be seen as bold, or downright stupid.But can anyone really blame him for going back? Hunter took him under his wing and paved the way for him. Hunter adopted the young man before he even became the Legend Killer. It made sense for Randy to join his side once again and help him. A part of Randy clearly saw this as an opportunity to mend his relationship with his estranged father, Triple H.

Yet once Seth Rollins came into the picture, everything just began to crumble and fall for him.

Was Randy the golden, prodigal child of the Authority anymore? No….Randy lost that title. Randy was old in comparison to Seth, a seasoned vet with multiple championships under his belt. Randy was never meant to be the true face of the company. He was just a filler until they were able to adopt their newest addition to the family, Seth Rollins.

Randy Orton did not like being pushed aside for Seth Rollins, but he tried to be on his best behavior. His parents were ignoring him for this new child that he was supposed to look over and care for! His goals, his wants, all pushed aside for the new favorite child. The Authority no longer cared for Randy. They allowed Seth to do whatever he wanted and become an entitled spoiled brat.

As a result, they eventually even let this new child attempt to put an end to their older son Randy. That led to Randy having to emancipate himself from the family once again. Randy had to distance himself from the surrogate family that only used him and eventually betrayed him for the younger model.

Randy’s been betrayed every which way possible. He’s been adopted into Hunter’s family not once–but twice! Yet still, he was betrayed. It’s no wonder he hears voices in his head and became this absolutely psychotic man that will RKO anyone in his path.

But does he need psychotherapy to combat this problem? Does Randy need an intervention of sorts to keep him from destroying the entire roster? NO!! Not in the slightest!

All Randy Orton needs is a hug.

The poor snake knows nothing of true love, affection, or caring feelings from people. Everyone has always used him and eventually betrayed him. Leaving him this broken shell of a man, filled with murderous voices telling him to hurt anyone who gets remotely close to him as a result of all the previous wrongdoings to him.

Really, Randy just needs a hug. Someone to not betray him, someone to be in a team with him and actually work with him and not power bomb him to the ground.


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