Elimination Chamber: Or Rather; WTF Is Happening Network is Frozen AGAIN(5/31/15)

Pre-Show Zack Ryder vs. Stardust Well, Stardust seems to be rather cocky and confident going into this match. Zack's ready to go, as he has a chip on his shoulder from losing to John Cena in his own home town. Although he does seem to be making up for it, as he starts off rather... Continue Reading →


Assessing Elimination Chamber: Who Will Make It Out Alive?..Or Semi-Conscious!? (5/30/15)

On May 31st, 2015, the WWE Universe welcomes back a beloved and brutal Pay-Per-View, the Elimination Chamber. Conveniently available on the WWE Network. Man, what a time to be alive. During this pay-per-view we have not one, but two chamber matches, the likes of which no one has ever seen before! It's unprecedented, it's hip, it's new-ish.... Continue Reading →

RAW: Hooligans in Handcuffs (5/25/15)

RAW...IS....ENTOURAGE! I'm sorry, I know that was horrible. I deeply apologize, but I felt it must be known that the gentlemen of Entourage would be guest-hosting RAW. To start the evening we are blessed with the presence of The Authority.Mom and dad are looking spiffy and proud while Uncle Kane lags behind the hobbits and... Continue Reading →

Why Is Stardust So Nucking Futs?

Stardust is quite the eccentric character. He's full of references that I'm sure the Dashing Cody Rhodes would possibly scoff at (or deny that he takes great joy in them). Anyone recall his precious, the InterContinental Title? Oh yeah, that was a whole thing, which Michael Cole apparently loved. Nerds Unite While Michael Cole may have... Continue Reading →

Why Doesn’t Joey Mercury Talk?

Ah, Joey Mercury. The man with the shiniest head that even Big Show himself drops to bended knee to worship. Joey Mercury, the better half of Jamie Noble, one half of J&J Security. He is one of Seth Rollins' personal hobbits, whether he's Frodo or Samwise is still left up to debate. Joey Mercury is... Continue Reading →

RAW: Architect of a Dream(5/18/15)

The Night after Payback, the night of the quickest reunion and destruction of the Shield known to date! It was quite beautiful honestly, a wonderful way to end the night...but can RAW live up to that the next day? Even with Stephanie McMahon present? The power couple, and proud parents to Seth Rollins, The Authority--Stephanie... Continue Reading →

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