RAW: The Fate of Daniel Bryan (5/11/15)


In Cincinnati Ohio, RAW starts with the return of Triple H, and you know Seth is happy that daddy is finally home. Now that he’s back to restore some authority to this place, he needs to set things straight between Kane and Seth Rollins. His favorite son is over the moon ecstatic to see that Triple H is home to restore order, and he assumes this will benefit him in the best way.

Seth complains endlessly and suggests putting Kane down like an old dog. Now that does not sit well with Kane, who nearly choke slams him to hell. Triple H, after separating the two, says that if Seth can’t leave Payback as Champion, then Kane is fired.

…Although…that doesn’t bother Kane who seems to not mind in the slightest to lose his job so long as he can throw Seth around like a rag doll. He then goes on to make a matches for all participants.

This includes Kane going one on one with Roman Reigns, and as for Seth? He has the main event match, against Randy Orton.

Jamie tries to defend Seth, which results in Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury going against Dean Ambrose.

J&J Security vs. Dean Ambrose

2×1 Handicap Match

Dean Ambrose pins Jamie Noble for the win!

One has to wonder if J&J ever regret devoting their loyalty to Seth Rollins. After all, trying to defend him against Triple H only led to a handicap match with the lunatic….in his own hometown. Really, that’s…it’s such a horrible mistake for them. Well, at least Dean has a good time toying with the hobbits, throwing them every which way possible. I imagine this is a nice, easy warm up for Sunday for him.

Dolph Ziggler vs. King Barrett

With Sheamus on commentary

BNB pins Dolph for the win after Sheamus provides some ringside assistance.

For some reason Dolph goes further and further back in time with his constantly changing outfits. This time he adds eyeliner to the mix, and well, hey, to each their own. I don’t know if I agree with it, it doesn’t highlight his eyes, it just makes him look tired. Or hungover….or like he just got finished doing the walk of shame and didn’t have time to freshen up.

Of course, Sheamus’ post-match ritual (even if it’s not his match) must include him beating Dolph Ziggler senseless because he has an inferiority complex to those who are better than him while being smaller than him.

 Erick Rowan vs. Fandango 

Luke Harper at Ringside to support Rowan, how precious.

Erick Rowan pins Fandango in under 37 seconds!

Well this is precious! While Shield brothers are splitting further and further apart, former Wyatts reunite! These two brothers celebrate Rowan’s win by beating up Fandango post-match.

John Cena vs. Neville

Open Challenge for US Championship

The match ends in a disqualification after Rusev rushes the ring and attacks Neville while he’s pinning Cena.

An interesting follow up to NXT Star Sami Zayn– a former NXT Champion Neville! Neville’s already on quite a hot streak, having proven himself more than once that he’s here to stay on the main roster and poses quite a threat. Each men pull out all the stops in order to gain some leverage, and very unpredictably…Rusev interrupts the match.

This is great for Neville though. He was never pinned by Cena, which leaves it to be a possibility that he could have won the title from Cena. I’m sure Rusev knew this, but he just wants Cena all for his own at Payback.

Kane vs. Roman Reigns

Kane tries to release his demon all over Roman Reigns.

Kane, like the somewhat-but-not-really-favorite demon he kind of is these days, attacks Roman before the match can even get started. The barricade hadn’t even been cleared before Kane attacked.The two were vicious with one another, and Kane was clearly trying to bring the monster within back out.

However, Roman Reigns put an end to the demon’s attack by spearing Kane over the fallen announce table.

Brie Bella vs. Tamina

Tamina wins after delivering a devastating superkick.

Now that Tamina’s back we can finally see her in action. In her corner is Naomi while in Brie’s corner we have the Diva’s champion Nikki Bella. In the end, Brie Mode was not enough to stop the powerhouse that’s Tamina Snuka.

Macho Mandow vs. Axelmania

The match barely has a chance to start when the desperate copy cats of the Legion of Doom come out to mock Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow. Funny, they say dressing like a legend doesn’t make you a legend….and yet there’s these two brutal idiots.

Together Macho Mandow and Axelmania fend off the Ascension,  and reunite the Mega Powers, dig it?!

In Ring Promo: Daniel Bryan

It’s commonly known at this point that Daniel Bryan has been out on injury. The Intercontinental Champion returns to make an announcement.

As a result of his MRI’s, Daniel Bryan is uncertain when he can return, or even if he can return to the ring. Therefore, Daniel must drop the title.

Thank you, Daniel.

New Day vs. Cesaro

With an impressive and incredibly different roll up, Cesaro takes the win.

Representing New Day, we have Big E Langston! The Swiss Superman versus the brute in denial about his team’s chant. Even with a few shenanigans at ringside between Kofi and Tyson, Big E still can’t capitalize on the distraction. The New Day better be afraid at Payback when they defend their tag team titles.

Promo:Prime Time Players

Their victims this week happen to be none other than the New Age Outlaws. Ah I’m just kidding….they’re only paying tribute. At least they’re considerate enough to stay PG!

If you’re not down with their tribute, they got three words for ya.

Millions of Dollars.

In Ring Promo: Bray Wyatt

In his defense, he really thinks he’s just being a crazy psychopath to help people. All he wants to do is take care of everyone and make everything right! There’s a lot of fear in the world, too many fears actually, and he’s just trying to help in his own twisted, sick, demented way.

After mocking Ryback and his injury-filled past and informing us that the bad guy always wins, Ryback comes out to feast.

Ryback comes out on top after attacking Bray Wyatt. Although, Bray seemed to have liked it, so who’s the real winner of this?

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

The match ends in a disqualification when Mercury and Noble bombard the ring and keep Randy from delivering the RKO to Seth. Such good hobbits.

Poor Seth was by his lonesome as his hobbits were still recuperating after their brutal beating by Dean Ambrose.  Randy must love this. Less interference, which means more time to put Seth through hell and back. Plus he can soften him up before Payback.

Well….at least Randy got through most of the match before the hobbits came out. Right?

After the Hobbits deliver their assault, Kane makes his entrance as well. Roman and Dean enter the ring and take care of the hobbits. Dean delivers dirty deeds to Seth all the while Kane stands at ringside while holding a steel chair.

Then Dean props Seth up for a brutal spear by Roman, and Kane remains unmoved.

So to further test Kane, Dean and Roman throw Seth into Randy for an RKO.

Roman spears Randy, who is then hit by dirty deeds by Dean.

No friends in this match up allowed!

Dean is once again left as the last man standing after this showdown. This is also his second week in a row closing out RAW, and in his hometown! All of this is allowed to take place in front of Kane who does nothing but watch.

Perhaps this man feels as though The Authority adopted the wrong child. Or, that Dean should have had the briefcase to cash in all along. Either way, one has to wonder just what plans Kane has as we move forward to Payback this coming Sunday.

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