Assessing the Fatal 4-Way: AKA Why the Spoiled, Petulant Child Will Win


This Sunday, May 17th, will be the Payback PPV, where the Main Event that everyone is certainly fretting over is the Fatal 4-Way match. Those opponents are: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton.

Obviously there’s only one possible winner for this. Seth Rollins is going to win, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out! He’s the golden child! The spoiled brat that gets everything handed to him! Even with Kane supposedly there to make sure what’s best for business happens by lending a helping choke slam; should he not help Seth Rollins will still win. As the future of the WWE, it makes absolutely no sense for him to lose the title right now.

Plus, mommy’s little boy always gets what he wants!

But let’s take a look at everyone and see what we’re working with here.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is protected by the Authority, they won’t allow him to lose his title. Not only that, but Seth is actually a strong competitor. When the opportunity arises for him to fight all by himself, Seth never fails to deliver. Whether it’s a vicious curb stomp or a devastating yet very rare phoenix splash, Seth has what it takes to be the only man left standing in the ring.

Dean Ambrose

Ah, the lunatic fringe. The man without a care in the world for his own body. He lacks self-preservation, and some may see that as a twisted sense of determination to go after what he wants. That could hardly be the case. While being daring and reckless does make for amazing matches, it could be what ruins it for him. Dean could injure himself and be taken out of the match which would lead to him losing his opportunity to pin Seth for the title.

But I’m sure that wouldn’t deter him. Even if he loses, he’ll just go after Seth and probably steal the title. Or smack him with a tray of brownies this time, whatever catering has to offer really.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns doesn’t just have a chip on his shoulder, he has the whole damn bag. Seth Rollins, his punk little brother, stole his WrestleMania moment! He doesn’t just want revenge, he wants to crush his very soul. Roman wants to hurt Seth and take the title…but that could ruin it for him. He may be so intent on hurting Seth that he misses out on pinning someone else.

Or he may fall victim to a sneak attack by Dean, who has shown that it’s every man for himself come Sunday. Then of course there’s that RKO outta nowhere….

Then there’s the fact that Roman’s glorious mane could just get in his eyes. Really, long hair is hard to deal with. Once that stuff gets in your face it’s just such a bother to push it all away. Roman’s downfall could either be his blood thirst for Seth, or his long, flowing hair blinding him.

Randy Orton

Now Randy doesn’t have a horrible track record with Triple threat matches, but when it comes to Fatal 4-Way? He hasn’t done too well. Had Dean Ambrose not been thrown into the fray, he may have stood a chance. After all, he’s the seasoned expert here. A twelve time World Champ, he’s practically seen it all and been in matches with the most vile and brutal of opponents. Not only that, but he’s faced the Shield before, he knows what he’s up against.

But….he’s up against the Shield.

Granted, they’re no longer together, three members of the former faction plus the odd one out, Randy Orton? It doesn’t bode well for him. They may just get rid of Randy early on and go after one another like animals.

Nothing against the Viper, but he’s the odd one out here. People foam at the mouth for a Shield reunion, and ever since the break up they’ve been dying for a shield triple-threat match to see who the real top dog is. Randy’s place here is awkward, even if for a brief moment in time the four did work together.

Yet none of that matters, as Seth Rollins, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, the golden boy of the Authority, will somehow find a way to rise up to the top.


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