RAW: Architect of a Dream(5/18/15)


The Night after Payback, the night of the quickest reunion and destruction of the Shield known to date! It was quite beautiful honestly, a wonderful way to end the night…but can RAW live up to that the next day? Even with Stephanie McMahon present?

The power couple, and proud parents to Seth Rollins, The Authority–Stephanie McMahon and Triple H kick off the night. Honestly they couldn’t be happier about Seth being the future of the WWE. They’ve created a wonderful product, even more so than the Network being only 9.99. They really want to worship Seth and pay tribute to how good he is…but first we must address the vacant IC title.

In two weeks they’ll be crowning a new IC champion, one who’s body won’t crumble into bits and will be able to withstand the Elimination Chamber. Now who better of a contender for the title than the brute, Sheamus? Well he doesn’t want to be a contender. He just wants to claim his prize for ending Daniel Bryan’s career.

Ryback of course feels the need to defend Daniel Bryan’s honor, and because Triple H digs the weird thing these two have for each other, he makes a match.

Sheamus vs. Ryback

Sheamus wins after a brogue kick to Ryback, which miraculously healed his injured eye.

It’s a reformed bully versus hero-turned brutal warrior tonight. Ryback is clearly very bitter over his loss the night before, with the devastating way he throws Sheamus into the announce table. Sheamus too is full of fire, but it doesn’t compare to Ryback who’s especially brutal tonight. So to make sure he wins, Sheamus plays the injury card to get the upper hand.

Promo:Stephanie, Triple H, and Kane…and Seth plus the hobbits.

Seth Rollins, Architect of a Dream. How beautiful. Really, I wonder where they got the name for that.

Kane thinks Seth has grown up, but Seth is celebrating with champagne like a frat boy which really ruins Kane’s changed opinion. After thoroughly insulting Kane AGAIN, Dean makes an entrance and ruins the celebration.

Dean decides he will grant Seth a rematch if he puts the title on the line, considering that Seth was actually never able to beat Dean without any help. The parents leave this decision to Kane, who lets Seth decide that Dean goes to the back of the line with Randy and Roman.

Well. Dean makes sure to point out that Kane is the best neutered little lap dog for Seth and a beautiful glorified butler. Dean at least knows how to push Kane’s buttons enough to get himself a match….against Bray Wyatt.

In Ring Promo:Renee and Neville

Before his rematch with King Barrett, Neville answers a few questions. Doesn’t matter that he’s not the biggest competitor out there, he feels invincible and–oh, hello Bo Dallas. Oh, you’re just going to try and assault Neville, the man who started his streak in NXT with you? Well alright then.

Eh, he tried to break Neville down a bit before the King made his appearance. Bo settled for going to commentary.

Neville vs. King Barrett

Bo Dallas on commentary.

The King wins with the bull hammer.

Even with an injured knee from Payback, and from Bo’s recent assault, Neville still puts on the best match he can. Of course the King would be an idiot not to try and capitalize on this. Barrett didn’t need to do much to capitalize, as Neville really ended up hurting himself by trying all his usual stunts and falling all over the place. Well, one has to give the man credit for trying!

Then we have Bo Dallas jumping into the ring post-match to attack Neville. I don’t Bo-lieve that was very nice.

In Ring Promo: Rusev

Well as you can see, Rusev and Lana are not in a good place right now which is why Lana is not alongside him. But you know, since he’s not there he takes a shot in calling her weak before calling out John Cena.  Instead of Cena we get Lana who tries to convey to everyone that Rusev isn’t as bad as he seems.

He’s not just a brute, he’s just ….misunderstood! Sweet, sweet Lana just wanted to protect Rusev, that’s why she opted out for him during the match. Rusev, however finds her to be pathetic and disgusting and weak. How rude.

Lana confessed that Rusev was screaming ‘I Quit’ but in Bulgarian. So, Rusev cuts ties with Lana. These people need Marriage Boot Camp.

Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt takes the win after getting a helping hand from J&J security.

Ah, it’s always a pleasure to see old friends reuniting. I of course use the word friends loosely. Bray’s cocky as ever as he laughs during the match and slaps Dean around like a schoolyard bully. Naturally Dean’s response is to twist Bray’s limbs in ways that should never be twisted. Their history of course makes the match all that more entertaining, as they’re able to know what move the other will pull out next. While Dean would have been the victor, the hobbits lending a helping hand much to Seth’s amusement certainly changed the course of the match.

Tyson Kidd, Cesaro vs. New Day

WWE Tag Team Championship

Match ends in a disqualification with Cesaro and Tyson taking the win due to New Day’s lovely display of brutality.

This time around Xavier Woods is banned from ringside, considering the stunt he pulled the night before. Still, Kofi and Big E aren’t exactly happy to have to defend their titles at the elimination chamber against five other tag teams. Eh, they’ll get over it.

When the match ends in a DQ because New Day are becoming brutes, Xavier Woods runs out and decides to help in the beating. The Lucha Dragons then come out and not only do they take on New Day–but they beat on Tyson and Cesaro. Los Matadores, The Ascension, and Prime Time Players join in on the fun, all while Natalya gets to stand back and watch the chaos. The Prime Time Players are the last team standing after making an example out of Xavier Woods.

John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

Open Challenge for US Title

…So…technically Kevin Owens wins the match that never happened just for pure entertainment.

Now how many people blurted out ‘Oh Shit’ when he made his entrance? We’ve got a champ versus champ scene here.

They didn’t fight, not tonight. Kevin wants the match on his terms, not Cena’s. He did however have one hell of a verbal smackdown with Cena before delivering a cheap shot and a brutal power bomb.

..Plus he slapped that US belt down to the mat and stomped on it. Kevin Owens put Cena in his place, and it was beautiful.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust

Dolph picks up a quick win over Stardust

Well these two certainly had one hell of a night. Both lost their matches, so both clearly have chips on their shoulders. Dolph in particularly has a battle scar, and Stardust just uh….well, he’s still dealing with his Cody issues. In a quick match, Dolph wins but is clearly still suffering from Payback.

In Ring Promo:Michael Cole and Dolph

Well, Dolph’s just mad that he lost his match the night before. He’s all about the future scar he’s going to have, it’ll help him get the ladies. As for the remaining spot left in the elimination chamber? Well, that goes to the show off himself.

…And suddenly a wild Lana appears!

For some very coy eye flirting before she…actually kisses Dolph Ziggler. With the way she keeps glancing back to the stage, it’s clear Lana wants Rusev to come out and fight for her. After a second kiss she manages to draw Rusev out. She manages to draw him out, lets him take out DOlph, and then delivers a slap that would make Stephanie McMahon proud.

Dolph manages to get up, finish Rusev off, and escort Lana to the back. Okay, Rusev isn’t taking this well.


Kane, poor Kane, traumatized by seeing Rosa and Adam Rose making out.

Erick Rowan, Luke Harper vs. Fandango, Zack Ryder

Erick and Luke take the win.

Well Fandango hasn’t had any luck with these swamp brothers, so he decides to bring Zack Ryder in to get destroyed alongside him. The goliaths are having none of this, slamming the two men around without a care in the world.

Promo:Stephanie McMahon and the Bella Twins

Stephanie sends Nikki well wishes for her match tonight, and then offers her sympathy for Brie. She also expresses her worry for Brie and schedules counseling sessions for her to have someone talk to her…which means she can’t go with Nikki to the ring.

Alright Steph, what are you up to?

Nikki Bella vs. Naomi

Diva’s Championship

Match ends in a DQ when Tamina runs in and delivers a super kick to Nikki.

Aw the lone twin without Brie. Well at least Brie is getting the help she needs backstage. And hey, Naomi has Tamina so at least someone has a friend in their corner! Nikki’s clearly a little sour over her loss at Payback, which explains why she wastes no time in taking control of the match.

After Tamina ends the match by DQ, Paige makes her grand reappearance to fend off Naomi and Tamina. Not that she cares much for Nikki in the slightest, but that title shot is hers. With Tamina and Naomi gone and Nikki laid out from the rampage, Paige holds the belt up high.

Ah, welcome back.

Promo:Kevin Owens and Renee Young

Shaking hands with the Authority….ah, good stuff. Actually, it’s very good stuff, as we learn that he’s going against John Cena at Elimination Chamber.

Architect of a Dream

It’s time to honor Seth Rollins! Stephanie, Triple H, and Kane are all present in the red-carpeted ring to worship the golden child. You see, this is why he’s such a spoiled brat, they worship him way too much. Hell he even gets escorted by his security team…ah, what a life he has huh?

Papa Triple H flatters Seth, saying he sees the cerebral assassin within the architect. He’s just so proud that Seth executed his signature finisher….this family couldn’t possibly be more proud of him as they celebrate him.

Kane’s supposed to lead the barrage of compliments for Seth. He confesses that he’s glad he’s still champion and best for business….after insulting his height. Unfortunately, that’s not good enough for Seth who starts grubbing for more compliments.

Well, he gets what he wants when Kane thanks him for saving his job…so Kane thanks him by setting up a video montage. Some things include his betrayal of the Shield, which really, too soon man, too soon. After the video, Jamie worships the ground Seth walks on, and as for Joey….well he’s too busy crying and by the time he’s ready to speak Dean Ambrose comes out.

Something tells me Dean was not happy that he wasn’t invited to the party. Well…Dean tried to bring him the gift of Justin Bieber, but found nothing good enough. Instead he offers the opportunity for another match against him, this time putting the title on the line.

Stephanie steps up to defend her child! No one wants an angry billion dollar princess. So, because she believes so strongly in her son, she tells Seth to go after Dean right in that moment.

The brawl gets nasty as the hobbits join in and the brawl gets taken outside the ring. Conveniently there’s a stack of cinderblocks by the announce table! Why are they there?! Those things should be in storage!

With the golden boy on the cement and a chair in hand, Dean forces Stephanie to give Seth the match so that he doesn’t kill the child.

At the end of the brawl, Seth magically comes out on top, but now has to defend his title at the Elimination Chamber.

Well I’m sure this is going to end well for Seth. I wonder what will happen at Smackdown when Roman returns and learns that Dean gets the match at Elimination Chamber. Hm, something tells me Roman would have liked that spot.

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