Why Is Stardust So Nucking Futs?


Stardust is quite the eccentric character. He’s full of references that I’m sure the Dashing Cody Rhodes would possibly scoff at (or deny that he takes great joy in them). Anyone recall his precious, the InterContinental Title? Oh yeah, that was a whole thing, which Michael Cole apparently loved.

Nerds Unite

While Michael Cole may have enjoyed the little references, some people overlooked them. Most simply focus on how eccentric and um….different, Stardust is. He’s a bit of a character, isn’t he? He hisses, he has random outbursts of screaming, trots around in a peculiar manner that’s honestly very reminiscent of The Riddler (physicality of Jim Carrey, but mentality of Frank Gorshin). Stardust also has these mental breakdowns as he struggles with his former self–Cody Rhodes.

Let’s not forget he brings bags of spiders with him on occasion, has his own special line of designer ladders, but at the same time is quite an established face paint artist. Now for Stardust, this is all relatively normal.

But for the rest of us, we wonder….why is Stardust so insane, or rather, so nucking futs?


He’s not insane or nucking futs in the slightest!

This is all just a phase!

Look at Stardust (or Cody Rhodes’) family!

The patriarch, Dusty Rhodes has certainly had his fair share of phases and changes. Can we all remember the polka dots? Yes, yes, remember the polka dots.

Then look at his big brother Dustin–or Goldust! Goldust sets the bar for phases and changes within the Rhodes Family. We’ve seen: large Goldust, slim Goldust, bondage wearing Goldust, Preacher Goldust, The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust, stalker Goldust, ChynaDust, FlashDust, DustyDust–need I go on?

Stardust isn’t crazy, he’s just going through a phase that every Rhodes member must endure at some time in their lives. It’s kind of like second puberty–but this time it’s more of a mental change rather than physical.

…But, if this kills your interpretation of Stardust, you can ignore all of this and firmly believe that he is just straight up fucking nuts.

I mean, nucking futs. Damn it.


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