RAW: Seth Rollins is the New Oprah! (Highlights 6/29/15)

The video package to start off RAW was so beautiful. It started out emotional and so wonderfully sweet as Seth lovingly apologizes and gets the band back together.It's something that can bring a tear to even the most heartless man's eyes as he witnesses the reunion of a family before it's torn apart by a... Continue Reading →


Why is Bray Wyatt so Lonely?

Recently, Bray Wyatt's affection has been directed towards Roman Reigns. Okay, so Bray has taken to stalking his child and costing Roman a very big win at Money in the Bank. That doesn't mean he hates the man in any way, shape, or form. He's just a bit misguided and doesn't quite understand how to... Continue Reading →

Best for Business: Natalya as Champion

Do you know what would be best for business? People who actually care about wrestling miraculously getting the chance to wrestle. Do you know what would be best for business in the divas division? A Natalya Hart Diva's Champion. A complete and total bad ass, wonderful villainess run. Natalya retaining the title for an insufferably... Continue Reading →

SmackDown: Bray Wyatt Needs Intense Psycho Therapy (Highlights 6/18/15)

Welcome back to another session of...SmackDown Highlights! Ah yes! Crowd noises, cheering, signs, all that good stuff everywhere. Just imagine that while you're reading, it adds to a better atmosphere. It also makes the entire experience a lot less lonely and pitiful. I mean....fun. Right, fun. Highlights Sheamus: You like to steal other people's property because you can't... Continue Reading →

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