WWE Network is Rage Inducing


Don’t get me wrong, the network is great. Sometimes I can go back and find great matches or episodes of RAW–so long as they don’t fall in the category of any of the several years that for some reason seem to be missing.

And no, I don’t mean anything before 1993.

The network is a great way of killing an entire spring break by laying in bed and watching men and women kill each other in the ring over and over and over again. Unfortunately, there’s something about the network that’s incredibly rage inducing and tempts one to take their monitor out to a field and smash it to bits with a baseball bat while Geto Boys is playing in the background.

Shoutout to ‘Office Space‘ for that one.

Whoever has decided that marketing the network by basically making several months in a row ‘free’ needs a good slap upside the head. Sure that’s a great way to draw people in and retain viewers because let’s face it, half the people aren’t going to cancel their subscription because they’ve already been sucked in. The problem is that while they continue to get new subscribers in droves, they don’t fix the actual issues within their program. If you’re going to offer something for free, make sure the program is able to withstand all these new viewers!

How do they expect to keep the other half of viewers that take them up on their free offer? Sure, half are sucked into the beauty that is seemingly endless content. The other half? Not so much. The other half focuses on the fact that while yes, there’s great content–there’s also the issue of the network, as some people would say ‘crapping out‘ on them at the worst time.

Yes, ‘crapping out‘ is a way to describe it. Another way is to say ‘freezing‘ or perhaps ‘being such a useless piece of crap that it incites the rage of a thousand suns and must be destroyed from existence‘.

While drastic, it gets the point across.

It’s especially horrible to deal with problems during a pay-per-view event. Free subscribers–meaning, more people–are tuning in. Now I’m not one to turn down something for free, believe me, I’m a student, anything that’s free, I will take. The thing is that it doesn’t seem like they account for the thousands more people that are watching. While there are more viewers–there’s less efficiency during the show. There’s freezing that lasts for minutes on end, and the second it’s back to normal it just freezes all over again. As someone who watches–and creates half her blog content by what happens in the show, not seeing what’s happening is a big problem.

The Network is a fabulous idea. However, it loses the charm and convenience of having everything in one spot for such an affordable price (9.99) when they have issues that they don’t fix. Constantly offering free months of viewing? Fine, no problem at all! The issue is when they don’t seem to account for the influx of people, and instead expect everything to continue to run smoothly. No, that’s not how it works. Basically, it’s a like a bottle. You can’t keep pouring liquid in and expecting everything to fit without making some adjustments and expanding the space.

In summary? WWE Network is pretty damn good. Offering free months to lure subscribers? A great plan! Not fixing issues that ruin the viewing experience and ruin streaming during live events (which in turn incites riots–at least mental riots, nothing physical)? Not such a good thing to do.

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