Why is Triple H a Horrible Parent?

Honestly, Triple H has had this post coming to him since I’ve started the series. It’s just something that needs to be said. The COO of the WWE, the Cerebral Assassin, The Game, the King of Kings…

The horrible parent.

Now I say this all in the hopes of not getting a pedigree through a table….but I may just be throwing myself under the bus here.  He’s a horrible parent! Absolutely terrible! But why? What makes some ruthless, overly aggressive, occasionally pouting like a bulldog puppy a terrible parent?

Triple H is a horrible parent because he plays favorites and easily gets bored of his spawn.

Let’s take a look at two of his most famous little adopted children. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. Now Randy was the original child of Triple H, going all the way back to their Evolution days. Triple H carved Randy out to be the Apex Predator he eventually became to be. Not that that’s a good thing in the slightest. As a result of Hunter’s horrible parenting, he hears voices in his head and is occasionally overcome with rage induced episodes that leave everyone in the ring suffering the after affects of an RKO.

Let us not forget that The Game has abandoned his first son not once–but twice! The first after Randy, young, baby Randy, wins the hardware that Triple H wanted. Now this abandonment was met with a brutal, bloody beating. Eventually, Randy was taken back under his father’s wing. But what happened that time?

Randy was put out of commission by Hunter’s new golden child.

That leaves us with the other son, Seth Rollins. The son that Hunter turned to when he was bored of Randy–again! Because of Hunter’s horrible parenting skills, he created a spoiled, rotten child. A child that he can no longer deal with anymore and he’s surely going to turn on in the future.

Because of Hunter’s terrible parenting, he has made it seem like Seth Rollins is incapable of doing anything on his own. Not only that, but the champion’s attitude has become absolutely atrocious. Hell, he enjoys being compared to Justin Bieber! I think we can all blame Triple H for that.

Yet the cycle will continue. Just as he grew tired of Randy, he’ll grow tired of his son Seth as well. We can already see hints of Hunter moving on to Kevin Owens as his new prodigal child. Now all we have to do is play the waiting game and see what he does to turn on Seth. Then in time he will abandon Kevin as well, and move on to perhaps…Finn Balor?

In conclusion, Triple H is a terrible parent he gets bored of his children after they’ve given him what he’s wanted. He raises awful little brats and psychotic murderers. Really, there’s a parenting handbook somewhere that says that’s…not exactly a good idea.


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