WWE Only Has Two Divas

It seems as though there are only two divas on the roster.

Paige, and Nikki Bella.

Although, I’m not quite sure if it should be three divas and add in Brie Bella. It may only still count as two, considering lately she’s only been switching places with Nikki when it’s convenient of course.

All technicalities aside, it seems as though WWE is only aware of the existence of two divas. Sure, we’ve seen a little bit of Naomi and even minor glimpses of Tamina. Hell just recently we saw Summer Rae get destroyed within five minutes. The main point is that the attention is only on two divas, and it’s the same two divas for the last few months.

So much can be done with the amount of divas they have on the main roster. If they’re not utilizing them and their abilities now, then what would happen to the NXT divas that move up? I doubt they’d stand for any of that same treatment, given the sorts of matches they put on. Then again, the divas don’t really have any other choice.

WWE has amazing resources within the divas division on the main roster. They shouldn’t be reduced to the ‘bathroom break five minute match’ that they are commonly known for. The divas were once an integral part of the program, and now they’re cast aside as the women who fight little bulls for a comedic flair.

Or, they’re all completely reduced to a high school girl’s mentality. Petty cat fights and tearing each other down, pulling hair, shrieking from the top of their longs–all stereotypical qualities associated with women. Qualities most seen as negative, might I add.

So, what the hell does this mean for the future? When will there be a change? Give Divas a Chance brought attention to a very important issue–yet instead it was mocked by that same company. What’s that you say? More Divas? Well then, we’ll integrate them for about five minutes once or twice to pretend as though we’re doing so. Then we’ll throw everyone else away, keep the main two, and continue to have them act like teenage girls.

Yes, that’s exactly what people want to watch. No one will ever get tired of seeing the same two performers over and over and over again.


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