SmackDown: So…Where’s The Belt? (Highlights 6/11/15)


Welcome to a lovely day of SmackDown highlights! Now, given that this is SmackDown we’re talking about, it may not be much to look at. Except for a whole lot of reminders of what show your’e watching and what happened on RAW. Which, actually, RAW wasn’t even that great considering the PPV is this coming Sunday.

Man, what a disappointing week.


Dean reliving his memories on Bourbon street

Man, what a good time he had. I’m envious! Although, that Bray Wyatt look alike….yeah, that’s unfortunate. The swamp thing from beyond the lagoon. Funny enough, this was actually the one time you want to see some recaps from RAW. The hobbits taking care of Seth? Fabulous!

Seth getting the title back!

…Only to realize that Dean left him with a replica from the concession stand, and not the real title. Poor thing, Dean lost the actual title from partying so hard.

But don’t worry, he’ll get it back!

R-Truth calling Byron Saxton ‘Coach’..

…And putting on the King’s cloak, crown, and wielding the scepter. Quite glorious if you ask me! Very regal, it suits him.

…And later running like hell.

Thank you, R-Truth. You wonderful human.

Rusev: That stupid American Dolph Ziggler is brainwashing you…

Good grief. Rusev is so pathetic, standing there on his crutches during Lana’s interview, begging for her to return to him. This is a complete hot mess. Plus the melt down? Even Britney Spears is saying she wasn’t that bad in comparison.

Seth Rollins having a match on his own!

Well, not really on his own. He did fight against Dolph–but he had no help. Plus he won! Alright, he had the tights, but still, that’s a semi-legitimate win! He countered Dolph’s cross-body rather nicely so that has to count for something.

Although, Seth’s constant smack-talk does add to the entertainment.

And of course, the Main Event…

We see Roman Reigns entering the match and of course he starts out strong destroying everything in his path. That’s always fun.

Now what would a PPV match that has more than two people be without an all out brawl happening as part of the build up?

But the real treat…

Is Neville setting up the ladder right against the ropes. He leaps from the top of the ladder and takes out everyone that’s outside the ring.

(Everyone being: Kane, New Day, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Sheamus, and Dolph Ziggler)

So….this is what we’re left with in the week leading up to Sunday, to the Money in the Bank PPV. I don’t know, kind of a disappointing, bland week.


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