Assessing Money in the Bank: It’s Rumor City (6/13/15)

As with any good/decent/semi-decent/let’s not even remember that happened-pay per view; rumors will always accompany them. Someone’s going to turn, friendships will be broken, alliances destroyed forever, tantrums being witnessed by all. To put it bluntly, the viewers usually make the PPV seem like a complete shit-show is about to go down before anything actually happens.

…But…given the WWE…anything can happen, for example:

Roman Reigns wins MITB and cashes in during Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins’ match.

Well, that could be terrible in all sorts of ways.

Could you imagine that? Just as Dean’s about to finish Seth off, Roman runs in because he’s about to cash in. A triple threat match ensues and like Seth once did several months ago–Roman takes them both out and steals the pin. That would just be terrible for his friendship with Dean. It would be a cheap win that would pit the brothers against each other.

All the while Seth probably gets left on the church steps by The Authority because he didn’t win the title.

Roman Reigns cashes in, and during his match Bray Wyatt interferes and makes him lose.

I can kind of see this one happening.

For one, they have nothing going on for Bray right now. Which means only one thing. They’ll resort to what is always done when there’s nothing going for Bray.

They’ll just throw him in somewhere! Usually by pissing someone off by making them lose a match. It’s a tried and true tactic. As long as no one blatantly points out that this is a reoccurring theme, I’m sure WWE Will continue to get away with it for decades to come!

Well, even if it is pointed out, they’ll still do it. They’ll just change it up and maybe have him interfere in a different more artistic, swampy way.

Really though, it’ll lead to a solid feud! Samoan bad ass with great hair beats up the creature from the black lagoon for making him lose out on some bling. Man, the men’s feuds can sound really petty when you replace a few key words.

…Or nothing happens at all!

All goes according to Authority’s plan. Er, well….partially at least.

Seth wins and regains his title. Roman wins the briefcase, leading to a feud between those two for quite some time that’ll go on at Battleground. From then on, it’ll lead to Summer Slam with Seth, Brock Lesnar, and Roman in a triple threat match all over again. Really, to fix that lost WrestleMania moment.

If you’re wondering what happens to Dean….I…I haven’t the slightest clue. They may drop him down a few pegs (but considering the level he’s been at recently, that’d be a horrible idea).

Or…he did warn Cena that he would be back for the US Championship. Remember that? Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena in the open challenge for the title, and Dean nearly won. Departing with a vow that he would be back.

Hey, it could happen.

We just need something to be done that allows for Seth’s reign as a heel character to be incomparable to others. Let’s face it, everyone hates the Undisputed Justin Bieber of the WWE. But, he’s the heel and champion that this company needs right now.


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