Does ‘Total Divas’ Actually Help the Divas Division?


Yes, once again, I am writing about the Divas division, sue me!

Please don’t I’m a broke college student, I don’t need that kind of stress.

Now Total Divas is supposed to be a ‘reality’ show about the Divas and their lives and all that jazz. Yada yada yada, drama drama hate hate laughter tears drama. That’s the usual formula for any sort of reality TV show, but in the case of the Divas, this formula may not be doing too well for them.

Seeing as how the show is supposed to be dramatic and ridiculous and partially catty, it makes sense for them to have that basic, albeit annoying formula. However, the unfortunate part is that this formula is also used on RAW and SmackDown. Actually, it may be used even more on those shows.

Really, the wrestlers get more attention on themselves on a reality drama as opposed to the show that’s made them the stars that they are.

Does no one see anything wrong with that?

We see more female wrestlers on a show on the E! network than we do on their own shows! Plus, the shows that actually made them famous and put them in the spotlight…well, treats them horribly. WWE portrays them as catty middle-school girls that shame each other and put each other down. The extent of their storylines is pulling each other’s hair and screaming. The Divas don’t do as much as they used to, plain and simple.

Then, if we go from RAW and SmackDown to Total Divas all we see is the same thing–except more of the Divas being catty.

So does this show actually help the division? Or does it simply reinforce the negative stereotype that WWE portrays these women as–being catty, hateful, spiteful women. Honestly, it’s a bit disappointing.

I’m not saying women are never catty or spiteful, or are always cheering each other on. Hell, that translates to men too.

But the fact of the matter is that WWE doesn’t give the women any depth to their character or who they are. They recycle the middle-school mentality over and over again and never once stray from that.

The reality show helps them with exposure, I suppose. Yet if we look at them from the way they’re portrayed, does it help? Well, not so much.

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