SmackDown: Bray Wyatt Needs Intense Psycho Therapy (Highlights 6/18/15)


Welcome back to another session of…SmackDown Highlights!

Ah yes! Crowd noises, cheering, signs, all that good stuff everywhere. Just imagine that while you’re reading, it adds to a better atmosphere. It also makes the entire experience a lot less lonely and pitiful.

I mean….fun. Right, fun.


Sheamus: You like to steal other people’s property because you can’t win one on your own.

Oh good god almighty, Sheamus! Shots fired! Oh what a brutal comment. Yet, it has little effect, as Dean usually will start, jump into, or finish any sort of fight whenever he wants.

Dean playing tag in his match versus Kane and Sheamus.

What? It’s a legitimate strategy! If the man can’t be caught then he can’t be viciously beaten by a reformed demon and a man with hair problems.

…Now that I think about it, ‘hair problems’ can account for several men on the roster.

Cesaro: And just so there’s no miscommunication, I put my hands on you first.

The King of Swing challenging Kevin Owens and using Owens’ defensive line against him! How beautiful it is to see sassy Cesaro coming out and challenging the NXT Champion. I can get behind this 110%.

Bo Dallas said Dolph Ziggler is the worst rebound ever.

Alright Bo, you may be strange and horribly un-inspirational, but this is a fair point. What? There’s no love connection between Lana and Dolph, nothing like the way Rusev and Lana used to be! I’m not saying they need to get back together, but Lana does need someone that speaks to her heart.

Oh dear, they just kissed in the ring.

You know what? I’m not a matchmaker, I’m a blogger. Don’t hold me accountable if these two split.

Big E trying to have his voice heard over on commentary…

It sounded like the devil was speaking to me through my speakers. Pair that with the recent trailers for the upcoming movie The Gallows, and that makes for a terrifying several seconds of fear.

Seth: He stood toe to toe with me…and he did nothing.

Seth Rollins, the undisputed future of the WWE, and the man that loves to taunt people that want to kill him. It’s always fun when Seth taunts people–in this case he taunts Brock Lesnar. Count on Cocky Seth Rollins to dig his own grave and smack-talk when the beast isn’t even there.

Well, at least he can’t wait to die at Battleground.

Miz reviews ‘Vendetta’ while insulting Big Show.

Miz never fails to deliver in being an absolute brat throwing a massive tantrum. It’s beautifully annoying, and you can’t not love him for doing so. But really though, he made Big Show sound like an absolute nightmare.

Man, now even I never want to work with the guy, eesh.

Bray burning pictures and singing nursery rhymes.

Could you be anymore disturbing? If so, please bring it, because disturbing Bray Wyatt is quite entertaining.

Not if you’re Roman Reigns, as it results in a match loss and most likely very elevated stress levels. Pair that with the swamp thing wishing him Happy Father’s Day, and it just makes for a bad time for the Samoan bad ass.

However, make sure we all praise Bray in how cleanly he burned all of the margins off of the picture and barely managed to ruin it. A job well done!

Man, it feels wrong to say stay tuned for Monday Night RAW. It feels like I need to plug in another PPV at this point. Ah well…nothing to do for five weeks. Time to get a hobby.

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